Just called CS about ergos

  1. I'm trying to decide if i should keep my slim flap, or but the $200 towards an ergo tote.
    This seems to be the info for the ergo totes at this time:

    (I only asked about leather bags)

    Patent Ergo - size medium - $398 colors: dark brown, pond (available to order now)

    Pebbled Ergo tote - size large - $478 colors: bamboo was all I asked about (sorry!) (available to order now)

    Current leather ergo tote - size medium - $328 colors: black, chocolate, tobacco (this is the one I think some people are getting at the outlets for $191 but for those of us who dont have an outlet nearby)

    Pleated ergo tote - will be in small/medium size and large. Price for smaller one $398. Color choices not available yet. (not available for order yet)

    I still dont know what to do!!! Just wanted to pass this info on to you.
  2. I'm kinda in the same dilema...I have a slim flap with tags sitting in my closet waiting for Spring but if I like a new ergo or new legacy bag better, I'm going to return Miss slim and put the money towards the new bag. I think I would wait until everything hits the stores. You would hate to return your slim, order one of these new bags before seeing it IRL and then decide its not for you and want your slim flap back. Another note...if this bag is going to be your Spring bag, its still only January. You might as well wait until the March PCE.:yes:
  3. Thats my exact thought, Cverhoff. I really like the slim flap, and I have it in the khaki/choc, which I prefer to the solid signature. I just put all of my stuff in it, including my Coach sunglasses in that bulky case, and everything fits just fine. I really wanted a patent ergo tote, but if it only comes in dark brown (I have plenty of brown) and pond (not a pond kinda girl!), I think I'll just wait to see what the pleated ergos are available in. Plus like you said, hopefully they'll be out around PCE time. I think you just helped me decide - thanks!!!!:tup:
  4. thanks for the info
  5. I think I want the pleated one. I can't wait to see this!!!:yahoo:
  6. Just curious but what does the pleated ergo look like. I recently purchased the belted ergo tote and am wondering if i should hold off using it to see what the pleated one might look like.
  7. glad I could help! Like I said, I'm in the same boat. I like my slim flap but may like something better in the Spring. I'm not a pond girl either! LOL....I'm also not a flap type of girl (prefer zippers) but I LOVE everything else about the slim flap/Ali bags that I bought it anyway!:p
  8. Just keep your bags new with tags on them. We may all be pleasantly surprised this Spring. I know that I have a huge credit which I hopefully will use on two new spring bags.
  9. Thank you sooo much for this info!!! I was wondering!! Good luck w/ your decisions. And as always, let us know what you choose and post lots of pics!!!
  10. Is this the pleated Ergo ??
  11. I dunno, but it's a GORGEOUS bag!!! And I'm pretty sure someone said it was like $998 or something. CRAZY expensive!
  12. LA, I don't know the price, the picture was emailed to me from the Legacy boutique in NY. I just re-read her email . That bag is called Davenport, I think, and it's exclusive to the Legacy boutique. No price tho! But I wouldn't pay $998.00 for it!