Just called BALNY i didn't know there was an oxblood twiggy 06?

  1. They have one and I'm thinking of going to check it out today.

    I have a credit with BAL right now (waiting on sandstone day bag to possibly get instead if I love it but not sure I will), so I'm considering switching to the twiggy style instead.

    Has anyone seen a pic of the 06 oxblood twiggy? The assistant told me that the have it from last season/fall so I said 'so from 06?' and she said yes. They still have some left.

    If its the same as this link, I should maybe just get this then?!! (I love the twiggy). I checked atelier website and didn't see an oxblood swatch listed for 06....:confused1:

    eBay: Balenciaga Twiggy in Bordeaux WITH BOX (item 280092750472 end time Mar-18-07 11:38:28 PDT)
  2. ^^Oxblood is also known as Grenat, if that helps.
  3. ahhh. now it makes sense. thanks for helping an obvious newbie...!
  4. Aww, s'okay hun - we were all newbies once. :biggrin:
  5. to make it even more confusing - is there a "bordeaux"? or is that the same bag?
  6. BNY name vs Balenciaga's "official" name

    oxblood = grenat
    fire engine red = rouge vif
    aquamarine = cobalt
    forest green = sapin
    sea green = vert d'eau
    grass green = vert gazon

    Any others?

    No wonder you're confused! *lol*
  7. Yup, there's a bordeaux from the 05 collection. And a marron from 04 that is (if the pictures I've seen are anything to go by) almost indistinguishable from grenat. Well, colourwise at least.

    Nice, right?:yes:
  8. Here's a picture of their Grenat Box and Twiggy for reference.
  9. Karen, I'm *guessing* that if they've had the bag that long it might have undesirable leather. It's worth checking out though. I had a Grenat City last year and I returned it because it was exactly the type of leather I don't like--veiny/shiny.
  10. just saw this reply from you Glimmer. Thanks! Looks like it all worked out since I went with Anthracite :graucho:

    The oxblood is very disappointing to me in real life. Too veiny and not as special as it should be for a dark red. I agree on it being too veiny which is almost distracting from the bag itself.

    I have already got my eye on something from eBay (past season, its authentic). I have been well and truly bitten by the Balen Bug :supacool:
  11. ^ Karen, did you end up getting Bordeaux or Grenat??