Just called about my "pebbled" leather black satchel

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  1. It is not supposed to be pebbled leather! Isnt that bizarre? Im so glad I didnt use it yet - I'm taking it back to the store tomorrow and having them order me another one. I was hoping someone else on here would get a black one so I could see it - I was very surprised that it was pebbly. Thanks Ashdir for telling me you saw another one today that was not pebbled - that was the final straw for me to call! Ill take another shot when I get in the new black one, probably not till next week now. It ok - Id rather wait and get the one I really want.
  2. Really? interesting. I wonder why yours is that way. I can't wait to see your new one!

    Edited to add:

    I actually like the way yours looks.. does yours have a P at the end of the number? Maybe a pilot version or something?
  3. yeah i was wondering what you meant by "pebbled" leather when you got your black satchel... it almost looked like it was "patent?" when i saw the natural IRL it definitely wasn't a pebbled leather... good thing you found out and your getting a different one!!
  4. That's weird, because I got the new catalog yesterday and all of the leather ones look pebbled to me???
  5. That is definitely odd! I would tell them to overnight it to you, since it shouldn't be that way and you are wanting to use it! :graucho: :P
  6. That's odd, well I hope they can get you a new one ASAP!
  7. If you go on the Japan website and type in P in the search box you will find the pleated ergo satchels. Then click on the link where you can see the bags close up and look how the leather looks like. I checked it and your bag seems to be right. The picture looks like the same leather as your bag. I may be wrong...well my black satchel comes tomorrow and i'll be posting pictures so you can compare it with yours. Good luck though!
  8. I looked at your pictures and it doesn't look pebbled to me - looks like my patent bag with no patent on it (wrinkled leather)
  9. how odd... is it a pilot? i would really like a pebbled leather one... doesnt scratch as easily
  10. I would suggest a Cole Haan triple zip satchel in pebbled black leather. that bag is TDF I wish I had one.
  11. Would the pebbled leather one be considered 'special' since it wasn't supposed to be that way? Might be worth more $$ down the road if you wanted to sell it? But, if you don't like it that way, definitely exchange.
  12. Congrats on standing up for what you want :tup:
  13. Sometimes it can simply be the piece of leather...all leather is different. I actually prefer a grain because it has more depth (I think the slicky leather sometimes looks more like pleather), and that's why I also like to choose from multiple bags. I'm sure I've driven my SA nuts in this regard, lol!

    Mrs. MC... Yes, the Cole Haan bags are very nice! I'm considering the orange pebble grain (forgot the name of the line...Village maybe??)!!
  14. When I talked to the manager at my store she mentioned that these bags are being made out of a new type of leather. She mentioned what it was, but I don't remember the name of it. And since leather is a natural item it will have some variations. I hope you get one whose texture you like!
  15. woahh that's so weird.. =maybe it's a rare bag that oyu can sell on ebay!