just call me confused....

  1. i have a question...in the past 2 years i've owned the balenciaga city bag (didn't wear too well, sold it on eBay), marc jacobs, kooba, ferragamo, coach (carly), and prada...i just bought the cole haan village small bucket tote in green (website doesn't do it justice)...is cole haan a "good" bag? i'm so used to spending $$$ on my bags (and on a teacher's salary i have to do a LOT of private tutoring to keep up my buying bag hobby..) that finding a bag for approx 300.00 feels "inexpensive"...do any of you feel the same way? that you love "high end" bags and when you fall for something less expensive you wonder if it's "good"? okay, i had a rough day teaching...maybe i'm just rambling incoherantly but i hope you understand!
  2. p.s. i also got the kooba natasha...and LOVE it...caramel with gold hardware...so now i have 2 spring bags...do i keep both!!!??!
  3. I don't own a Cole Haan, but I've heard very good things about them here. Many people find them to be very high quality and great looking and wearing bags. While it may not have cost what you would spend on the others, it is probably still a good investment.