Just by the bag already or leave me alone!

  1. I have an LV listed and is ending tomorrow. There is one person who keeps emailing me to let me know that they are interested and would I be willing to ship out of the country. I told them "no problem", here is the shipping + ins & tracking, etc.......well, that was 3 days ago and they are still emailing to let me know that they still want the bag. OK....the bag is a BIN auction only so what is the problem? Do you want it or not? If so, just click "BIN" and I'll send an invoice with the new shipping rate otherwise stop sending me emails letting me know they still want it! UGH!! I'm really tired of selling and think that after tomorrow when the auction ends and if there are no bidders, I'm just gonna go with fashionphile! Sorry, just had to Rant:cursing:
  2. Ugh, she sounds like a pain. Could it be possible that she's not getting your emails and that's why she keeps contacting you? Either that or you're right, she's just a nut.
  3. Do you have it so international bidders are not able to bid? Maybe that is why they keep telling you they still want it, but cannot bid :shrugs:
  4. I have "ship to US only" because I'm so afraid of shipping out of the country for fear of it getting lost but I had 2 great experiences last yr; one to Canada and another to Australia that I'm pretty game this time as long as I cover myself with insurance, tracking, etc., so I do welcome international bidders, but didn't include any shipping costs because I don't know where it will go.
  5. She's getting them, it's just that everytime she writes back to me, she gives me a vague answer. A simple yes will do KWIM?
  6. I had a buyer do this same exact thing to me up until the end of the auction!

    The auction ended without bids. I relisted for a lower price and mailed her saying, "my price has decreased if you're still interested," and she responds, "oh no, the bag was and is too expensive, I was just looking." :wtf: then why tell me you want it 3 times and ask me if I would do international shipping for you and then shipping quotes on a US-only auction?
  7. what does telling you that they want it accomplish? does she expect the bag for free?? :yes:
  8. Right - but if you have an international bidder who wants to bid you have to change this otherwise it blocks them. She's probably emailing you to tell you so you'll change this and it'll let her bid.
  9. I managed to take off the "immediate payment req'd" so that she can do a BIN and request an invoice and I'll put in the int'l shipping rate. I emailed her to let her know and 2 days later, the auction has ended with no bidders :cursing: even though I had 6 watchers. I'm glad I didn't end the auction early for her because I wanted to be protected by Paypal in case anything untoward happened. I even changed the auction format to accomodate her and no word from her at all. UGH!! I thought it was kind of fishy that she kept asking me to end the auction and send her and invoice when all she had to do was BIN and we'll take care of the shipping costs later. Oh well.....fashionphile?
  10. She sounds like trouble from the get go...block her if you relist.
  11. Even without immediate payment required, you MIGHT have had the checkbox for "block bidders in countries I don't ship to" checked, and she couldn't bid on it. That would have kept her from buying it, and if that was the case, she's probably sitting around telling *her* friends about this, and saying "I emailed her a bunch of times, why didn't she understand?". :p
  12. what does the "I'm just gonna go with fashionphile" statement mean? i'm familiar that fashionphile is a seller on eBay...

  13. I don't have the "block bidders in countries....." turned on. Even if I did and she tried, all she had to do was tell me and I would've been glad to turn it off but since she didn't I have to think that she really didn't want the bag and was just toying around. Oh well......

  14. They're a consignment/trading assistant that can sell your LV bags for you. I don't know if I want to go with them now because they take 30% not including eBay and Paypal fees which would be additional and I'd probably wind up with hundreds less than if I did it myself. I'm just so frustrated because I want to unload this bag and be done with it.:tdown: