just browsing.. spys are lovely.

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  1. i love spy bags and it is definitely a goal for me to own one... one day.

    for anyone who collects them or likes them, this one should at least catch your eye. sexi.


    Pomegranate? what a gorgeous color. mmmm. i wanna bite it.
  2. Yes they are very georguse!:tup:
  3. how does one choose a spy? and then... how does one stop ones self from buying a plethora of them in many colors? i'm afraid to buy a spy because i want one so bad... and i want like a rainbow of them.... eek...
  4. I gotta tell ya: This is the WRONG place to ask that question! *cough*BAL*cough*Saich*cough*BL.1* LOL I think many Spy owners own more than one Spy, myself included. They're like the proverbial potato chip!
  5. Yes -- you must be careful, or you will end up with 8 or so of them and not even notice what happened.
  6. Its such a trap us ladies fall into on the PF, you think you will just buy one and then before you know it you have a wardrobe full......and DO NOT go near the couture range otherwise their is just no hope for you.....lol..
  7. Mmmmmm.... Forbidden Handbag.... chomp... chomp.... chomp....

    I simply love this style and can't really see myself getting tired of them. It probably explains why I hardly use my Bals, Chloes and Chanels anymore... Once you take the leap, there's no turning bag!
  8. See - this is the reason why I haven't started collecting the Spy. I hear that it becomes an addiction after you start with one!
  9. i was afraid of that...

    i found this charming picture of my dream spy.

    ever since i saw Vlad rockin the honey i wanted one SO BAD. that was a year ago..... when i FIRST got here and thought "designer" and "dooneY" went hand in hand (eek and ugh lol) so ya. thank god for TPF and it's educational skill in the purse world.


    Vlad dahling you look RAVISHING! megs, ty for the pic haha :lol:
  10. I'm not sure how you stop yourself. I had one, and was happy with it for a long time, until recently when I've sprung for one very special one, and then by the end of April I'll have another special one. It's SO dangerous!
  11. well my tastes have gone from low end to high end rather quickly. at this point it's hard to keep looking in one direction. prada & miu miu... their leathers are TDF. bbags... the rainbow of leathery goodness... spys well HeLLo.... i know you all have a thing for spys, need i go on? where do i start? haha i feel like i'm running in circles around this. maybe i'll just keep everyone guessing and save up enough to buy one of a few bags i have on that want list... and let everyone on TPF pick. i'm so indecisive. if i have one of something i'll want 2. and i want 2 of everything. haha eek. what an oinker i am.
  12. purples my fave color. this one is divine but does anyone know where i could see a picture of a darker purpley plummish kinda color perhaps???


    haha i wanna bite this one too.
  13. I don't know if there is one. The closest thing I can think of is cherry, maybe.

    There are some pics in the celebrity thread, of Victoria Beckham with hers.
  14. Mmmm...spy bags are like ice cream flavors......
  15. Do you mean this one???? This is the Cherry spy - very rare

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