Just brought home........

  1. My new Bayswater! With the £350 voucher it only ended up costing me £145!:yahoo: Loving it!!!!!!!!!! Will post pics later once kiddies in bed!
  2. Can't wait to see it, congrats!!!
  3. NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!! That is fantastic!Congratulations!!! Can't wait to share your pics,I bet you can't stop grinning!!!!!
    BTW,how many kiddies?I'm always so impressed that ladies go on to have more and be a complete puff like me!!xx
  4. I have a 2 year old boy and a 4 month (alomst 5 month!) girl. No more though, if I get broody again I think I'll just buy another bag! Works out cheaper in the long run! I took the kids into the Mulberry shop today and one of the assistants was soooo rude! She took one look at me and my friend with our buggies and went and stood at the other side of the shop instead of serving us, so we had to wait 10 mins for the other person serving (who was the manager) to become free. Then when we were leaving she stood and glared at us struggling to open the heavy doors without offering to get the door for us! Bearing in mind we'd both just spent a grand between us you'd have thought she could have been a bit more pleasant.
  5. You are so right!!I don`t know who some of these silly little SHOP ASSISTANT`S think they are!! they are illusions of grandeur and forget they are ONLY shop assistant`s!!
  6. How rude- i would have said something to the manager! hey at least if she works on commision she didn't get any!
    Can't wait to see piccies of your bayswater - what colour did you get???
    Out of interest will you be using it as a daily bag when you are at home with the kids or as a work bag?
  7. I will be using it as an everyday bag when out shopping and with the kids and as a uni bag to carry folders and stuff, I'm 22 and doing my last year of uni, hoping the Bayswater will spur me on! I got black because although I love the chocolate one I wear a lot of black and hardly any brown so it didn't really make sense.

    Am now plotting my next bag............keep thinking Pheobe, pheobe.......or Mabel!
  8. Here we are! inc group shot with black emmy and pink glove bayswater!:yahoo:
    bayswater.JPG up close.JPG bagz.JPG
  9. Gorgeous! Lovely collection you have there.
  10. Beautiful collection! Congrats on your new bayswater, it looks fab! And I'm sorry about the rude SA, how stupid of her - any good SA would recognize good business, with or without kids...
  11. Rude SAs are just not on. I would have marched up to her and said 'I may have a child but that doesn't make me invisible, perhaps you'd like to do your job and help me'. But then I'm the stroppy type!!
    That's what I like about the factory shop. The SAs are friendly and are used to me taking ages trying loads of bags before I make my mind up. Bearing in mind these are discounted bags they still treat me as if I'm about to spend £1k!
  12. OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another baby pink Bayswater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really,really not a 'pink' type of person (I dress Sophie in boys beige cargo pants with fairly girly tops,not much pink there!) but I have seen it twice now,Rach has one and I think its gorgeous! But I do like the Bayswater anyway......Shame you did'nt have Sarajane with you in the shop,SA's with delusions of grandeur really,really p**s me off! I had a bit of a moment in the Manchester Mulberry store,and I was a bit scruffy so I really messed about and got on their nerves(full incident on the new mulberry pics thread) I used to be a bit intimidated by SA's like that,until I was an SA in a proper posh jewellers,not just a handbag SA,I learned to be a really professional and attentive SA,you have to be in that trade.And now I look at SA's like that and think 'oh your just crap you are,think your posh cos you work in here and you are certainly not professional to behave like that,idiot'.And Sarajane is bang on about the SA,s in the outlets,I ordered my Babington from an outlet the SA was fantastic,promised me it would be with me the next day and it was,and I did'nt feel as though I had dealt with an outlet store at all!BRILL!! I would have crashed into the doors really hard with my pram and watched them skitter across the shop in panic, then thanked them so profusely for helping me while I was struggling as people really do treat you as a social outcast with a pram,and there are hardly ever any polite people about to help,and watched her squirm!Silly cow.
  13. Unless you have a bugaboo pram and then you are posh!!
    Can`t believe anyone would pay £800 for one ,
    God thats almost 2 handbags!!
  14. Fabulous purchase, Orkney :tup: Love your group shot, too.

    Very cross about that SA - I hate when they ruin your experience. It shouldn't matter if you're spending £1k, £10k or £0k - they should treat you with respect and professionalism.

    And not getting the door for you is just rudeness, whether she works there or not she should have offered to help. She's probably leaving in a week, hence doesn't care anymore.
  15. More topically its the price of an Agyness!!!

    And God no,i'm not nearly posh enough for a Bugaboo! I got a Quinny Zapp,that was on special offer as an ex-display model with no extras for a 100 quid! But I did drop on lucky,as the young saturday temp sa guy was seriously p**ssed off with his manager and when I asked if it could be reduced any more as I would have to buy a rainshield and cosytoe thing,he asked the manager who promtly bollocked him in front of me for even asking her,saying the price was the price etc then looked at me like I was a total scrounger!! So as soon as her back was turned he gave me the brand new one they had just put out,with a cosytoe and a rainsheild!! When I asked him if he would get in trouble or get sacked,he very coolly turned round and said 'working for a miserable b***h like that do you really think I'm arsed and as she gave you such a filthy look its compensation' RESULT!! So if thats at all a posh pram it was totally by accident!!!