Just breathed a sigh of relief

  1. I just spilled diet coke all over- well the cat knocked over the cup with about 3 inches of soda... all on my leather soho flap!
    I was freaking out (especially since i just spent a long time moisturizing it!)
    but i grabbed a towel and started rubbing, and out it went!
    whew! I was hoping it would dry like water, and so far so good!
    I knew you guys were the only ones who would really understand my 5 minute heart attack!
  2. oh relief!!!!!
  3. wow that sucks! i m afraid of having a pet now lol
  4. Phew!:tup:
  5. Thank god!
  6. Completely...been there...done that...hasn't been pretty!
  7. Thank goodness everything's OK!
  8. Wow that's good to know that soda can come out - its dries soo sticky! I always have a Diet Dr. Pepper in my hands, so I've had my share of spills.
  9. try having your new kitten chew up your new Balenciaga Twiggy :push: It happened to me.

  10. ^^sorry about your twiggy.

    Megan, one of the things I love about coach bags is how they seem to bounce back from spills and accidents. I've had great luck with mine but understand the panic you felt!
  11. This is why my bags are in their dustbags, inside protective cases on the shelf in my closet...so my puppy won't eat it for breakfast. She's already demolished a few pairs of shoes so I'm not taking any chances! :nogood:
  12. Allison: S:huh::huh:o sorry about your Twiggy :push:

    Megan: Phew, Good to hear it came right out!! :tup:
  13. I always hang my purses on the back of one of the bar stools in the kitchen. Every now and then, my puppy (who is quite tall now) walks by and smells it and gets his sloppy ol' doggy jowl drool all over the side of it! Ewww. But much to my surprise, it has never caused any discoloration.

    And I can't blame him, I like to smell it to. :rolleyes:

    I am glad yours is okay. I think it probably helped that its leather and not sig.