Just braved the grocery store!

  1. Wow, I thought I was being smart by going at 9 am (and maybe I was, but WHOA!!!) That place was PACKED. I wanted to go to Wegman's because they would have everything, but maybe Safeway would have been a better/safer bet!

    I think I just spent my record grocery trip though or it's pretty close - and NO DIAPERS to inflate the amount spent! So, for this week, I spent $400.34 (Had about $25 in coupons/discounts to get it to that price). it's actually better than I thought it would be!

    A gourmet Thanksgiving dinner for 12 people (We grew by one in the last week) PLUS regular food for the week... just the turkey was $40! (20 lbs)

    I left my house at 9 am, got home at Noon and it took me until just a few minutes ago to get it all put away... Ugh... it is the WORST part about Thanksgiving, imo! Dealing with the HOARDS of people, loading it, unloading it and putting it away... dishes will seem like a snap after this! LOL
  2. Couldn't agree more! I tried to go to Whole Foods Sunday afternoon and there was no place to park. Cars were double parked waiting for available spots and all the side streets were full. It was crazy!
  3. I am so glad I am going to my moms this year. I have hosted Thanksgiving for the past 5 years....its gonna be nice to put up my feet and eat! LOL!

    I usually grocery shop way ahead of time and then if I need stuff closer too the holiday I go at 10pm. Pretty dead then!
  4. I thought about this when I was shopping, like, Could I have gotten some of this before? And the answer is no. The "dry" goods I needed were few as I had them at home, but it was the FRESH stuff that got me - the green beans, brussell sprouts, onions, cranberries etc. We don't eat frozen veggies on Thanksgiving and they don't taste the same anyway for those veggies. Even the pies - I make them with fresh ingredients, not canned/frozen, so this weekend is as early as I could go and that's what most people there were getting too - the veggie area was HORRENDOUS!!!