Just bougth pochette marelle...is it a good deal?

  1. So, I knew this seller from this forum. He is very nice and easy to deal with. I don't know whether i got a good deal for this bag, since the bag is second hand but still in good condition.

    I pay extra USD20 for the EMS shipping from singapore. I could not wait any longer to get it :drool:. He said that he will send the item tomorrow since all post office in singapore are closed during CNY.

    Does anyone know how long does it takes from singapore to australia with EMS?

    Here is the pic of my new baby:yahoo:


    Oh btw, big thanks to Addy for helping me to authenticate this bag:yes:
  2. lol, you beat me to the bag, i was eyeing it for the longest time, now BF need to find another replacement for Sophie. Congrats!!! Glad it's tPFer who got it, please post pix when you get it!
  3. Congrats!! Looks great. I'll say max. 5 working days to reach Australia.:yes:
  4. wow, that is really pretty! Congrats!
  5. :nuts:ooopsss sorry...hope your bf will find the replacement for you:sweatdrop:. The seller always updated his website almost every week, so hope you can find your bag there:yes:
  6. thanks Lee:graucho:. I did not PM you last time because that I thought i've been asking so many questions to you:sweatdrop:
  7. I think it took 5 days for my package to arrive in Sydney from this seller via registered mail. He is quite nice
  8. :nuts: 5 days with registered mail? wow, i wish i could get it faster with EMS:sweatdrop:. Yes he is very nice and easy to deal with
  9. :supacool: lol, no problem, it's his fault to wait this long:p , please model the bag for us when you get it! Oh hon, i am also eying the two Jasmins he had, but those colors don't work w/my skin tone, strictly eye candies ^^ does anyone know the retail of it by any chance?
  10. :shrugs: why do you think that two jasmins he had don't work with your skin tone? I thought vanilla and lilac such a nice color. I don't know how much the retail price 'cos my mom bought it long time ago in lilac color and it is soooo beautiful:yes:. You decide:p
  11. Awesome deal! Congrats!
  12. the retail for jasmin is 1080, I have a Mandrain Jasmin which i love, but I can't pull it off w/ my Asian skin tone, just too much yellow and orange, KWIM? I am searching for a old Black jasmin w/gold hardware to replace my baby Mandrain Jasmin:crybaby:
  13. Thanks John and congrats to you too for becoming a new mod:yahoo:
  14. Ok...i will PM you if i find it somewhere:sweatdrop: black jasmin with gold hardware:p
  15. Congrats, enjoy!