Just bought YSL XL Muse tote 1/3 off and Beige Padlock!

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  1. All I can say is: I love eBay!

    New purchases:

    Authentic YSL Muse from the 2005 Collection (a steal-shy of $400)


    Beige Padlock (inspired by Chloe-$30)

  2. Authentic for under $400? :wacko:
  3. Muse retails for more than 1k if you can find it! You lucky gal, if it's authentic!
  4. her completed auctions look really shady (spys for $300? come on), I would back out of that fast if I were you.
    pretty much anyone claiming to get goods 'direct from italian importers of luxury items' is going to scam you...

    unless of course, you don't mind paying $400 for a fake muse.
  5. I say if it's too good to be true, then it might be!
  6. something fishy is going on here.
  7. i agree with that!
  8. what a terrible fake!
  9. notice she only posted twice ...More than likely the pictures says its an "inspired " handbag

    nice bag though
  10. Unfortunately that definitely sounds too good to be true. I know the department stores are sold out of the white, and the YSL boutiques in NYC don't have it either. There's no way that such a "hot" in demand bag would go for that low of a price.
  11. Now who in their right mind would sell an authentic YSL muse for around $400???? It does sound too good to be true.
  12. she's probably the seller of those auctions. shady.
  13. Probably no one, LOL!!
  14. :suspiciou
  15. The paddy is a real bad fake and no one would give a Muse away for that money. Soemthing is weird here!!
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