Just bought Tiffany Orchid earrings!

  1. I couldn't decide what I wanted for Christmas so went for a look around the shops yesterday, finally made my mind up and have got these;


    The web pictures just didn't do them justice, only problem is my lovely hubby is keeping them back til Christmas so might have to work on him to hand them over sooner :yahoo:
  2. Congratulations on your new purchase! They are really pretty and tell hubby to let you have them for the Christmas parties that you might attend!
  3. Gorgeous! So lucky!
  4. Love them!! Congrats!!
  5. They're gorgeous.
  6. Those are beautiful! Modeling pics please :smile: Congrats!
  7. They're gorgeous! I've wanted a to add a Gehry piece to my collection as well.
  8. Those are beautiful earrings! I remember a tPF member posting a picture of hers, and they looked stunning on. I bet you can't wait until Christmas :yahoo:
  9. They're beautiful! I have the large version, is that the one you got too?
  10. Ooooo beautiful, congrats, bet you can't wait for Christmas morning.
  11. Couldn't resist them :shame:

    I'm def gonna try that line :woohoo:

    Lucky for you lot I had to take the pics myself so the face is covered by the camera :roflmfao:


    Thanks all for your lovely comments, I wanted to post them here as other than you girls I don't know anyone that gets as excited by these things as me :girlsigh:
  12. ooo gorgeous!!!! Bet you can't wait til xmas morning!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx
  13. Love those earrings, they are my favorite out of that whole collection!
  14. Congrats, so elegant!
  15. Beautiful earrings!