Just bought this scarf!

  1. Great colours, love Pucci scarves!!
  2. very cute. i love pucci, classic.
  3. Thanks :smile:
  4. I like the design!
  5. Very pretty - the sale price looks like a bargain too. I might get one myself.
  6. Yes, it´s beautiful, congrats!
  7. LMAO too funny! I just had my DH buy the blue one for me. I was at Neiman's today and asked if they had that one and they didn't so I promptly got home and begged for it since it was such a great deal! I love Pucci stuff. Did you get the pink one or the blue one??
  8. Lovely Congratulations.
  9. Oooh, so pretty. I love Emilio Pucci.
  10. Love it! And what a great deal!
  11. I got the pink one :biggrin: It came yesterday.
  12. I love it, especially in pink :heart:
  13. Awesome! Congrats Elli. Pink is my fave color. You should show some modeling pics if you can!
  14. I will! Hold on, lemme go take pics and then I'll put them on here.