Just bought this on ebay! YAY !!!

  1. I was desperately looking for this top!!! And i found it on ebay :yahoo:
    It's a vintage whiting & davis halter top!!!!
    whiting & davis.jpg whiting & davis1.jpg
  2. I love that top!!!! It is so....HOT!!
  3. you go girl :P
  4. Very pretty, congrats!
  5. Wow! That's one sizziling piece! I wish I had the kind of body to wear it.
  6. thanks ladies!!! i can't wait until i get it in my hands......but to be honest i don't know when i can wear it.....maybe to a club or something like that?
  7. club only!striktly!
  8. gorgeous....congrats:biggrin:
  9. very sexy, its stunning, congratulations on a fab buy!