Just bought this muse....

  1. Don't know the size but....what a deal and a half!

    Saw Oprah wearing this on her road trip...very gorgeous!
  2. Looks like a large. Congrats! ;)
  3. Even with the damage I think it's a good deal. I'm pretty optimistic that if it's unbearable it will be easily repaired, esp. after seeing the stuff lovinmybags has done.
    Otherwise, this will make having a light bag easy, it's already marred so I can't freak out.
    You guys know what I'm like with light colored bags. A FREAKY KLUTZY NEUROTIC!!
    Anyhow. I'm looking forward to getting it!!!

    I'd be happy with the large, although I initially did think it was the oversized for some reason.
  4. One thing about the white muse that my SA warned was denim tends to rub onto it if you carry it with jeans. You might want to have a leather cleaner handy and clean it right away when it gets dirty. I think you will really like this bag.
  5. Thanks!!!

    I read that Fayden has used the baby wipes in the past on her white gaucho and it works really well.
    My son is officially toilet trained and I have a ton to spare.
    Good timing.
    I will forever remember the White Muse as my gift to myself in celebration of finally being free from diapers!!
    Who'd let a box of wipes go to waste? Not I!
  6. oh my! what a great deal for the bag! i think its a large one :smile: keep us tuned in when you get the bag
  7. It looks like a large indeed bc I have the oversize version,and mine is much bigger than that. You might want to try Appleguarde cleaner too. I haven't tried the cleaner myself but I'm going to get the Appleguarde conditioner bc my Muse has some scratches on it, and I read somewhere on this subforum that someone used it on theirs and it looks brand new again!!!!
  8. okay. now the seller has told me that she had the auction up for someone else.

    thanks anyhow ladies. I guess I'll just keep searching.
  9. WTF, that's sooooooooooooooo unfair winona, i'm so sorry sweetie :crybaby:
  10. Yeah that is abSOlutely wrong of the seller..Should be reported!!! Shouldn't have been posted at all!!!!
  11. the problem is this...
    i asked her what her reserve was for this auction...
    eBay.ca: AUTHENTIC YSL Muse Purse: Large White Leather Tote (item 270036086452 end time 10-Oct-06 20:38:23 EDT)

    (AND YES!! WEIRD that it's still up since it's apparently sold)

    She told me that her reserve was 500, but that someone offered her 550.
    I offered her 600, she told me she'd get back to me that night.
    She didn't.
    today I mailed her asking if it had been sold to the girl for 550, she said that she emailed the other girl but if the other girl didn't reply in 4 hours that the bag was mine....

    4 hours later, I'm checking her listings and I see the bag with a BIN of 600.
    I was confused, since she said it was basically sold to the other girl, or me...so I obviously BIN'd it.

    an hour or so later she mailed and said the listing was for the other girl.

    I told her that she could have made the listing ID specific so that ONLY the other person could have bid, saving me my time...etc

    Haven't heard from her.

    :lol: oh well!!
  12. looks like you'd better not buy it... not a good start- the seller isn't a trustable partner!
  13. The seller mailed me and was apologetic about the entire situation.
    I suppose I'll just keep looking.