Just bought this last night & never saw this style before...any info?

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  1. It is nice and I like the hw and the colour but if I was you measure out the dimensions on some card and check that it's not too small for you (only 1" wider than a Med BTH).

    I have a similar sized Chanel tote and it's not a bad size, very useful for Summer weddings and occasions or a little trip as it holds a surprising amount but it's not big enough for an all day shopper or a work bag for me.
  2. Never seen that before but it's beautiful. Lovely shade of brown.
  3. Sadly, I had to return it today. The handle drop on the website was quoted as being 7 inches, but IRL it was more like 5 and a half. Felt like my armpit was getting a wedgie! Other than that, it was adorable.