Just bought this Juicy bag today, for some reason it's been calling my name...

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  1. This bag has always stuck in my head as a cute & fun going out bag. I'm not usually a juicy bag person, but this one is such a cutie. Plus, the leather is actually really smooshy.

    Good price too :smile:


  2. That is soooo cute!! I have the Princess Z hobo and the leather is similar. So soft amd smooshy. Enjoy!!
  3. Cute, I generally don't like quilted, but this one is fun :smile:
  4. I agree, that bag is pretty darn cute!! Congrats
  5. I think it's a really fun looking bag. Enjoy it.
  6. I have a wallet that is like that from juicy I love that thing to death.. but it got misplaced in my move I bet it is in a box in storage. I should go get it and start using that again.
  7. It will be shinning when go shoping with this cute bag! :woohoo:
  8. I have this quilted bowler and I love it!

    Do be careful with the lining when you use it tho - the lavender lining can tear easily!
  9. That bag is so cute. Congrats.
  10. Its darling! Congratulations!
  11. I saw this and really thought about getting it, even though Im not normally a Juicy bag person either. Its cute!
  12. I'm not a fan of juicy but that one's really cute! Reminds me of Marc Jacobs!
  13. Great looking leather. I too am not a Juicy fan but a few items (no handbags yet, but I'm not ruling it out) like a top and a scarf have made it into my wardrobe. I also like some of the spring jewelry.
  14. it's so cute! where did you buy it and how much? if you don't mind?
  15. Cute bag, how much did you pay?:tup: