Just bought this green dress

  1. I already had 3 weddings this summer and have 2 more to attend in the near future. I don't want to wear a dress that I already wore to an upcoming one so I bought this green dress. Now I'm trying to figure out what to wear w/ this. I have a pair of light gold shoes and a clutch but I'm not sure if I should wear gold or start hunting for a matching color shoes and a bag. What do you guys think?

    JS Dress.jpg
  2. That's a nice dress - a beautiful shade of green! Very nice! I think a set of matching colour shoes and clutch would look better (ie, colour similar to the dress). If you opt for gold, try a gold clutch, but keep the shoes similar in colour to the dress.
  3. I am loving the dress, so cute.
  4. Very cute dress! Gold shoes and clutch would look great with this!
  5. That is an adorable dress! I absolutely love that color!
  6. What a pretty dress. I'd do the light gold shoes and clutch. I leave the matchy matchy look to the bridesmaids :P.
  7. i'd say go with the light gold, gold and green look hot together. no matchy-matchy shoes or bag, please!
  8. I'd go with a light gold or even a pewter in shoes and the bag. They'll be great contrast pieces and will be great things that you can wear in the future. If you want to wear silver jewelry, I'd go for the pewter. If you're going to wear gold jewelry, then go for the gold accessories...
  9. I absolutely agree :yes:
  10. I love it. It's beautiful.
  11. Thanks everyone for your opinions!
  12. Go for the gold! :yes:
  13. looks flowy and airy.
  14. What a beautiful dress! I say go with the gold. Not to bright though, keep it subtle.
  15. Lovely dress!:yes:

    IMO, with this colour, you can get away with gold OR silver, because it's quite a neutral colour and either will offset the dress in a nice way.