Just bought this for my sister what do you think?

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  1. I just bought a wilm for my sister from www.lepetitpas.com Yes I know it's pricey :shame: but she loves this style and its a great color for xmas :smile: Plus it's very limited, only like 400 to 500 being made? Just wanted more opinions thankss !


  2. i really like it! :yes:
  3. Hoo boy, thats not just pricey, thats entering Hermes territory!

    Gorgeous bag, however!
  4. Thanks! I'm glad to hear it so far. I wish I could just post the pics from the website, without getting in trouble :push: haha because my camera does it no justice. And my camera makes it look very orange-y when it's really a red. Thanks for the comments so far!
  5. It's GORGEOUS, but oh my gosh, 4k??? You're so generous!
  6. What a great sis! Very nice.
  7. I really like it! Very nice :smile:
  8. Can you adopt me? What a generous sister!
  9. I like the color
  10. i like it, but not for 4 k, sorry :p
  11. oh my! thats beautiful!! i can see her wearing that with a w big black trench with red shoes and red lipstick. AHAHAHA, such a holiday color!
  12. $5K for your sister?! How lucky your sister is, and what a generous and nice sister you are. This sure will be life-long memory to her.
  13. Yikes, I certainly hope she's a bag aficionado and can appreciate such a generous gift! Wanna buy ME something for Christmas???? I've been a good girl! :angel:
  14. Nice , but not for that price 4950 $ No way
  15. I think that it is really nice that you spent that much on a gift for your sister. But I have to agree with some of the others that I don't think that this bag is worth the $4950 price tag...and I really like the description on their website that says the bag is lined with "High quality polyester"...you would think that for a bag that costs as much as a Hermes that it would be lined with something nicer.