Just bought this Dior Gaucho!

  1. I just bought this Dior Gaucho on eBay and am not sure if I should keep this bag. :confused1:

    I had the bag authenticated at my local Dior boutique in SF and it's an authentic bag. But upon closer inspection today, I noticed the bag is a bit dirty (especially at the bottom) and on the tan leather trim. There are also specks of white on the off-white leather. I paid $699 plus shipping for this bag and the seller does offer a 7-day return policy. Is this bag a good bargain or should I return it?

    I'm not a Dior expert, so any suggestion will be appreciated! Thanks!!
    Dior 052.jpg Dior 057.jpg Dior 053.jpg Dior 055.jpg
  2. Is it dirty from usage? The gaucho is supposed to look dirty so I don't know if the dirt you're mentioning is from the previous owner or is actually part of the design. I have the medium gaucho in olive brown and has a dirty look throughout the leather and on the tan leather trim. The price you paid for it is excellent for an authentic bag considering retail is $1395 ... I know I would never sell mine for that low.

    Here's a close-up pic showing the 'dirty' details on my gaucho:
  3. HI bubbleloba!

    Congrats on getting the authentication from Dior! I'd advise that you keep this, because that's what the gaucho is supposed to look like. It's supposed to look dirty, and as for those white spots, they're no unusual considering that the leather is washed and then treated with black wax for a vintage effect...sometimes there are spots of leather that don't absorb the black wax as well. A pic of my Gaucho has been attached.

    I agree with asl_bebes...you got this bag for an amazing price and the condition is new (because the Gaucho is supposed to look used and dirty). I'd rather buy the Gaucho off you than to suggest a refund to the seller.
  4. :biggrin: Thanks, asl and MayDay. I feel much better now and will definitely keep the bag. :yahoo:
  5. wow! great price. keep it definitely.:yes:
  6. lovely gauchos girls .... congrats bubble :smile:
  7. Great price ... great bag! Congrats!
  8. aw....bubble...CONGRATS on your new gaucho!! I love it is soo beautiful!! I tried them on at the SF boutique at bloomies and fell in love...you lucky gal...you got such a good deal!!!!
  9. It's gorgeous! COngrats :biggrin:
  10. it looks just like the way a dior gaucho should look. beautiful! and a steal, too given the price. it's a keeper!:smile:
  11. i like!! congrats on it!!
  12. That's a beautiful bag and an amazing price! Congrats! You should definitely keep it! :yes:
  13. that is an awesome deal on that bag! if i were you, i'd definitely keep it.
  14. yeah, its suppose to look old and dirty. I took my bag into the sf nm dior counter a few months ago wondering if it can be sent in for cleaning and the sa laughed and told me that a dior executive in NYC dropped her bag in mud and didnt care to wipe it off....she apparently loved the muddy dirty vintage look so much LOL..

    I bought mine from a PF'r for 700$ shipped.....love it. Im looking to buy a large black tote now..wonder if it can be carried over the shoulder.
  15. hello all!!!

    i really really love the look of the gaucho and i only saw it on Neiman Marcus online. i am in love with this bag.

    i rang dior and they have all the colours. what's a great colour for a gaucho...opinions are highly appreciated. i'm looking at the brown one, but the SA said they have the other colours in stock such as blue and red (burgundy i think - i was too excited over the phone while she was still mentioning other available colours). and this made me even more confused. they even offered to post it to me for free.

    do you reckon this gaucho style would last long and not just a 6-month stint?

    thanks in advance!!! :flowers: