Just bought this chanel from ebay

  1. so I took a risk but I like the size of the handbag so I went for it what do you all think
  2. Beautiful!!!!
  3. it looks like a great tote!! congrats!
  4. That's a pretty color. Congrats
  5. Great everyday bag. Congrats!
  6. Ohhhhh...I LOVE it!!!!! Please post more pics when you get it!!!!!
  7. Gorgeous, congrats !
  8. I will post pictures as soon as it gets here, can't wait.
  9. Gorgeous bag, congrats!:yes:
  10. gorgeous bag!
  11. beautiful. post picture when you get it.
  12. I think that is a really beautiful styled bag! My only worry might be the shape of the diamond quilting....I thought they were always "squares on their points" - but what do I know - maybe it's just the angle of the picture. It's impossible to know everything about every style from each season! Hopefully, it's authentic - either way, it really is lovely and I can see why you like the size! Enjoy! :flowers:
  13. i didn't think it was fake, she showed me pictures of the authenticity card and the sticker in the bag, I know it's an older model. Now I am wondering if it's fake =*(****
  14. Ooh - I didn't want to worry you unnecessarily - I'm sorry. I am REALLY NO expert at all - just quoting something I remember reading awhile back. As I said, I know nothing about older styles.

    Regardless - it's gorgeous and if you felt good about the sale, then trust your instincts. :flowers:
  15. THE BIGGEST FAKE IN THE WORLD, so sad just received it. I had paid $650 because I thought it was vintage. I called paypal they already put his account on hold. I feel like burning it, well I am still going to be looking for a black chanel with gold. I can take pictures but who would want to see it.
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