Just Bought This C&C Dress..Style Ideas?

  1. [​IMG]
    I just ordered this dress..do you think it would be cute with black leggings and brown boots? Also does C&C wash pretty well? Thanks!!
  2. how about a bright belt around the waist? or brown belt to match your boots : )
  3. I would wear a really bright patent belt around the waist to give it a nice pop of color. Otherwise a navy dress with brown leggings and boots would be really dull IMO.
  4. i have that exact dress lol! i love it! i usually wear it with a red patent belt and red peep toes. I have worn it with brown heels kind of like in the pic but i didn't like the look! Also, once i've worn it with a studded brown suede belt with suede boots that are like calf length and got a lot of compliments! I think it's cute with like a light brown like in the pic but too plain just like that, needs a belt or something. If belts aren't ur thing try it with a colorful bag and maybe a big headband.

    I had it dry cleaned and it was still like new. You're gonna love it when it comes bc it's even better in person!
  5. What about pairing it with ivory shoes/belt? Kinda like those MJ maryjanes with the ivory/black two-tone..
  6. I don't know that I would go with the leggings, almost seems like too much fabric to me since the dress isn't that short. Come on...show a little leg!
  7. ^^I agree about the leggings.. especially if you're wearing boots, I'd go with bare legs. Also, if you're not a belt person, you could try a cardigan over the dress to give it more shape (although this might potentially look funny because the sleeves are wider).
    Cute dress! I love C&C!
  8. For wintertime, you could wear a turtleneck underneath and opaque black tights.
  9. I was also thinking it would look great with red.:tup:
  10. yes.. it's nice if you could paired it up with a wide belt...
  11. i'd wear it with a large scarf in a fun color, or even better a nice pattern, wrapped around the neck.

    i agree on skipping the leggings!
  12. Oh, it's cute! I would pass on the leggings because it looks like a nice length. I say go with a nice wide belt or a long necklace and bright peeptoe pumps!
  13. well, for that picture at least, a thin and simple belt worn high would look very nice. i wonder if the sleeves would get in the way of a cute, fitted and cropped vest to go with the 'ethnic' scarf or long or layered necklaces.

    i really like the idea of brown accessories or ivory accessories. ...oh, how about wooden "jewelery"? :heh:

    and for winter, black/dark brown leggings with matching heels or wedges or booties or heeled oxfords, whatever, would be nice...especially paired with a coat that hits are about the same length.
  14. ^ Yeah that's kinda what I was thinking too. Is the dress black or navy (I can't tell:shame:smile:? Either way, I think brown boots would be cute, maybe with a wide belt. It would also be cute with heels, a wide belt and bare legs. Or how about patterned tights instead of leggings? Patterned tights, maryjanes and a belt would look realllllly cute as well! No matter what, I think it needs a belt lol.
  15. To give a different idea to the mix, I think this would look really nice with a big ring belt in silver (thing '70s Saint-Laurent), creme sandals with with silk somewhere (I recall a pair from Hermes last s/s that had creme chiffon, beautiful) and a very light gray linen jacket, for a more mid-spring style. And I've never been a fan of leggings, so I'd say don't wear them, but I suppose I'm a bit biased since I think everything looks terrible with them.