Just bought this agenda at the outlet!

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  1. I have been wanting a Coach signature agenda and keep checking the outlet store and finally got one today! Sorry for the lousy pic - took it with my phone.

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  2. Is that black and white signature? Congrats btw. :smile:
  3. Thank you! It's got a chocolate brown trim and the "C's" are light brown. Hard to see in the pic.
  4. So pretty and will go perfect with any bag! Congrats!
  5. I love that agenda and had it in my hands so many times but if only I did not get preoccupied with other stuff.
  6. Nice find! It's lovely!
  7. I couldn't live without my agenda!!!! Congratulations!
  8. great find! mind if i ask what you ended up paying for it? ;)
  9. very nice!!
  10. Lovely! It actually looks green in the pic... I would soo love it if it came in green! I'm thinking of getting an agenda (seriously this time). At my current job I am addicted to the calendar in Outlook and Google Calendar, but once I start my new job, I doubt I will be able to store personal appointments in Outlook or access Google. I suppose an agenda is cheaper than getting a Motorola Q and paying for the data plan (because of course I'd want to be able to access the internet and send email too!)
  11. Congrats on the cute new agenda!
  12. Ooh, that's very cute! Now, you'll be super organized and won't forget anything ever again!:tup:
  13. I got the same one last week at the San Marcos, TX outlet. Very cute!!
  14. I know I sound like an airhead but I am not exactly sure on the exact price - I know it was 30 % off and about $88. I will dig up my receipt. I literally just grabbed it and knew it was under 100.
  15. love love love the agendas. good find!