just bought these shoes, not designer but what do you think?

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  1. :love: I think they're perfect for summer! Did you buy all three pairs?
  2. Yea, they where all so cute! I need to stop shopping LOL, thats all I do
  3. wow those shoes are adorable.
  4. i think the wedges are cute!
  5. They are cute. =)
  6. Oooh those are so cute :love: I WANNA GO SHOE-SHOPPING!!!!!! Only 3 more days before I can go (ie, before finals are over)!!!! Can't wait :graucho:
  7. The last pair is really cute! :biggrin:
  8. i :heart: the last pair! all 3 are really cute :smile:.
  9. Very cute, ahhh I love summer shoes!
  10. they're not my style but they are pretty, especially the third ones.
  11. The first pair seem great for summer. Hope they're comfy!
  12. Who said they gotta be desidner? They look plenty classy to me. Especially the last pair-SWEET!
  13. very cute, however I never understand how the shoes with the ribbon tie on the ankle greek-style actually stay up. I bought a pair once, and it kept slouching down. Can anyone solve that mystery for me?
  14. If you twist the ribbons together before wrapping around your ankle, its supposed to help. Have not tried it myself yet though.
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