Just bought the Speedy Damier Azur 30...now realize it has cloth tag

  1. I am not sure but the outside looked somewhat different, for some reason and I could not put my finger on what it was, I don't know, I could be wrong, but at first I was like thinking that it didn't look just like the one my sister got about 1.5 years ago, and then I asked, does this one have the tag? and it did. Oh well.
  2. Nothing wrong with buying pre-loved. I bought a mono speedy 40 today pre-loved. I'm very excited! :smile:
  3. :rolleyes: @ tag or no tag
  4. oh wow? i got my brand new speedy yesterday at Harrods and wasnt paying attention... but mine says made in france on the usual place..
  5. oh i guess the ones in London UK are the old style stamped ones...? not sure.. i didnt even know theres cloth style tag now..
  6. Hi, the ugly tag is for the ones made in the US
  7. i was never really picky about my bags and slgs being made in the usa or france or spain. ( but it was nice to know that some were made in france.)
    im slightly dissapointed that they've started to make the cloth tags, i think they look a bit tacky now.
  8. Your main pic shows 6 speedy's, do you still have them all? I just purchased my 5th one today. I keep wondering if I'm nuts that all my LV are speedy's except for my first one the cabas piano, which is waaayyy too small.
  9. We're all crazy here ! :cool:

    the damier 30 and the keepall and the mini hl are mine, and ther 35, 30 azur and the 25 are my mother's, but i decide to make a family photo :biggrin:

    My mom asks herself the same question everyday, I think she likes them all, but she just wishes that LV made the speedy B sooner, because she's been putting a strap on her bag for years c: Sometimes we both wish that we'd purchased different style, but i think the speedy is so cute!
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    I think you're right!! LOL :cray:
    I really love each and every speedy I have. They all go with different occasions and outfits. My most recent purchase as of today is the speedy b 30. Can't wait to get it!!

    I've had other lv bags in the past but I've sold them. I can't part with any of my speedy's!
  11. do they only have the cloth tag on made in usa bags? im planning on buying some bags from europe and hopefully they dont have that ugly cloth tag, it looks really cheap ><
  12. It's a LV!!! But if you are not happy return it!
  13. Omg they are all made by Louis vuitton if you don't like it buy a different brand .
  14. I love this! Pretty much sums up my feelings as well.
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    Same thing happened to me with my NF.... I was devastated since this was my first LV and I knew nothing about it .... I kept it because my LV store is almost 3 hours away :sad: but I did debate over it jus like u are... In the end I just never got around to making the trip again and my 30 days expired :sad: good luck!

    There is just such a stigma against bags with a tag ... People are avoiding them like the plague.... That's what makes us feel that our bag is somehow inferior to the rest.