Just Bought the Small Signature Soho Flap

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  1. i got it in brown and i love it! but i was thinking of maybe getting the bigger version of it...though i think the smaller bag is cuter...should i keep the small bag or get the bigger one? what was your experience with the small flap?
  2. Congrats! Do you have pics?
  3. well actually. i got it for myself for christmas and i wrapped it up so i wouldn't be tempted to use it until christmas day. (this is my first coach) haha. so i'm not opening the box until christmas...sorry! all you girls probably think thats silly. :P
  4. Not silly! I am holding out for Christmas to use my new legacy shoulder bag. I
    want to prolong the excitement. I have a soho large flap in camel and its a great bag for everyday use. Congrats!
  5. That is such a pretty bag! It depends on what you think you will using the bag for. If you think you may need more space, you may want to exchange it. Enjoy it either way.