Just bought the new blackberry world - Text help please!

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    I just bought this phone and it's really good but for some reason I'm having problems with my texting/sms messaging functions.

    My old phone (Moto Q) I was able to type text messages as long as I needed and the phone would break up the message to the recipients but with my new phone I am only able to type out 140 characters in one message and if I'm not finished I'd have to resend the other portion of my text in a newly opened message box. How do I change the number of characters that they allow you to type in the message so that I could just type it all at one go?
  2. Hmm i know what your question is but I'm not sure how to answer. This is the phone I almost got a few weeks ago and am planning to get tomorrow actually (in gold!). Oh..actually is this the new pearl or a regular blackberry? I'm talking about the new version of the pearl. DH has the old version (the thin ones) and the only difference between his and this is that this one has a full qwerty keyboard thing and the other is where it guesses what character you want (forget what its called). His lets him text as long as he wants to go and it just sends it..it doesn't say its sending it in 2 or 1..or that's as far as I've seen. Otherwise I'd suggest looking in the options section when you're texting..maybe they don't have the feature you're looking for though. Hope you figure it out!

    EDIT: DH said it tells you at the top of you're screen when you've hit the 2nd page "140/2" but it lets him keep typing in one go with no interuptions. Hope that answers your question?
  3. I have this BB also, and I think it's just a thing we have to live with. A text msg or MMS msg can only be so long so I guess that's why they have character limits set. To the previous poster, I had a BB pearl prior to this and had the same experience. Perhaps it's my carrier? If you find out a solution, please let me know!