Just bought the MMBS in Allumino but how do I keep my jeans from rubbing off on it?

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  1. I'm afraid my jeans are going to rub off on my new bag! None of my jeans are new but I have several dark pairs. Has anyone had this problem and what can I do?
  2. Hm, wish I could help and give you some tips. But I've been using mine for about a month and nothing has happened to my bag yet and I wear it with jeans all the time.
  3. Sounds good! I was wondering if it was something I should be worried about but I guess not :smile: Thanks!
  4. No problem and sorry I'm not much help :sweatdrop:

    But let me let you in on something I DID EXPERIENCE, if you get the bag wet, it'll take a while for the water marks to fade. So that's about it :wtf: That was the only FREAKY experience I ever went through with my Bow. I was walking after I went shopping @ the mall and it started raining, then I saw that the leather had absorbed the water and it was stained for like a few minutes and later the marks went away :smile: Don't think it's healthy though... haha.

    Where did you purchase your bow from??? And have you seen any RIPS or cracks on your bow yet :wtf: Many of us Bow owners here have that problem...
  5. I got it from Bluefly! I was aware that some people were having problems so I looked at it when I got it and it was fine. I wore it out yesterday and looking again now I did notice 1 tiny crack where it was the most folded along the sidepart if that makes sense. Def no rips. I wouldn't have even noticed if it wasn't something I saw posted here. Definitely keeping it though!
  6. Ohhh. Bluefly, NICE!

    I had bad experiences with my purchases of the bow. The first one I bought was from SAKS and it had 1 scratch on the leather and a few rips along the edges where you fold the top! Like yours, and like many other ladies who own the bow.

    I bought another bow to see if it was better than the first and THAT bow had like 923849023844 rips on it that it was just so disgusting.

    Right now I'm holding onto the 1st bow I bought and hoping to find a better one.

    I'm going through a very deep search for the perfect bow :sad:
  7. ^^ Uh.. so you're planning on using the one you have now until you find a better one? Returning a used bow.. don't you think that's unfair?
  8. awong10. Oh noooo. You got me all wrong! I am definetly NOT using the bow. It's actually packaged and taped inside the original box that SAKS used to mail to me. I would never return a used item. Nuh uh. :tdown: