Just Bought the Dr. Q Groovee in BORDEAUX : )

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  1. Bought it on eBay just now! :yahoo:I'm so excited, I can't wait to get it. Thanks cooper1 for informing me that there was one up on eBay. I just had to get this bag lol. I will post pics when I receive it. :wlae:
  2. congratulations .... yes yes please post pics.

    ...... aw it seems like everyone else but me has got a Dr.Q Groovee in Bordeaux T___T its as if the god of shopping is taunting me. The more desperate i become to finding one... the more "i just got a Dr.Q Groovee in bordeaux" threads there are :sad:

    haha but no... a big CONGRATULATIONS :heart:
  3. Congrats, it's a gorgeous bag IRL, I think you'll love it!
  4. YAY for you!:winkiss:

    (I am doing the Dr Q Groovee dance to celebrate....)
  5. Congrats, missypoo! You are going to love this bag. It's even better IRL! Enjoy.
  6. congrats on your lucky find!
  7. ^ i was thinking the exact same thing ...
    sad thing is, the bidding price is about the same as what theyre asking in the department stores here in australia
  8. Congrats!!! Yup..post pics when you get her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yeah! I love this bag! congrats!
  10. i saw that auction. crazy! for a minute, it made me want to put my bordeaux groovee on ebay to see if i could make a handsome profit from it. it must have been caught in an intense bidding war or something. lucky for the seller...
  11. ^^^Oh I bet that seller was literally jumping up and down on that price! I know I would lol...
  12. OMG CONGRATS MELISSA!!!!! :nuts::yahoo: I cant wait to see pics when you get it!!!

    Regarding the groovee in nice tan, I just noticed it's been relisted so either seller shilled or the bidding war resulted in a nonpaying bidder.