Just bought the Ali, yeah!

  1. Hi,

    My wallet is a lot lighter today. I had a credit at Coach and was afraid of misplacing the gift card (it's like cash) so I have been debating which bag to get. It was between the whiskey legacy shoulder bag or ali. I decided on the ali b/c I prefer bigger bags and more shoulder clearance. I love the whiskey colour but I already have a banana republic bloomsbury bag in cognac. I don't know if they will make this bag in other colours?
    I felt so rushed while I was getting the bag b/c my toddler was getting anxious. I didn't get to look at the turnlock or the zippers. BTW are there two versions of leather for this bag, mine is more pebble like versus more vintage?
  2. I have the Ali in whiskey and you will absolutely love it! It holds a lot but it is still comfortable on your shoulder. I hope you enjoy it!

    And I know what you mean about the toddler. It's hard to focus for more than 20 seconds with little kids in tow!
  3. U will definitely love your ali like i do !:heart:
  4. Hi. I have two Ali's (one in white, one in whiskey). Love them both. You will get alot of wear from this bag.
    I am not sure about this handbag being made in two different types of leathers. My whiskey one is the vintage leather which is so soft. I have not see the Ali in Pebble leather. By the way, Congrats on your Bag!
  5. Congrats ! I have an Ali in the white/signature, and it's my every day bag. Love it!
  6. It isn't so much that there are two versions of leather for the ali - more that there are no two ali's alike. They used vintage leather that has all sorts of variations. Some purses just ended up with more of the pebbley leather on them. When I was choosing my black shoulder bag I noticed that there was a huge difference in the leather variation between two that I was looking at. The one I chose has mostly smooth leather on the front, but the back pannel over the zippered compartment is pebbley. My whiskey is all smooth however - so I guess it depends which part of the cow they cut for your purse!
  7. Congrats! Welcome to the Ali Club. :smile:
  8. You're gonna love that Ali!
  9. congrats on your purchase!
  10. Congrats, enjoy. :smile:
  11. I have 3 black, white and brown, I finally decided to keep the brown and I used it yesterday/today. The white and black are a little more pebbly in some areas, smooth in others, but the brown is definately smoother with subtle light/dark variations, also it is a lot slouchier than black and white. It slouches a lot in the "belly" area of the bag. The black and white slouch more across the center of the flap. Yes! no two cows are alike!
  12. Congrats! Great bag.
  13. Congrats, you should post some pics!
  14. Yes give us pics! ;)
  15. I am thinking about the brown and was anxious to see if you kept yours. Do you love it now. Are there too many variations in the color?