Just bought suede patchwork...help

  1. So i just bought this ergo about a week ago & its been raining since :tdown:
    I have yet to use it & am debating on whether I should return it because it can get easily damaged/dirty.
    If I return it I'd get the fall patchwork tote.
    Does anyone else have suede?
    PS..I have the carly signature large brass, khaki & black bag so Im not entirely Coachless :graucho:
    Oh ..heres the ergo...
  2. that's gorgeous! :drool:
  3. Thank you..im just afraid to ruin it.
    Im careful but being a mommy of 2 I dont want to have to walk on eggshells you know?
    But i do love it...sigh
  4. It's a gorgeous bag, but if you're worried about it getting dirty, I'd return it for the holiday patchwork or the red suede, which is also very pretty.

    For me, I've had HTM (hard to maintain) bags in the past, and I've finally gotten to the point where I buy only what is easy to care for....

    Goog luck!
  5. Get it in the bordeaux!!! I :heart: it. It's darker and you might feel better about using it.
  6. I don't know if this would be of any help but I've had a similar predicament in the past. I bought a suede nubuck Chelsea hobo in camel and was so worried of staining it that I just kept it for a while and finally returned it. But after that, I couldn't get the bag out of my mind until a year later, I saw a similar bag (just the handle was different) at the outlet store and this time didn't think twice about getting it. I thought I'd use it occasionally like Sunday mass and some occasions. I really loved the bag that I just had to possess it! So I can understand your dilemma, considering that your bag is really beautiful!
  7. Hmmm...isn't there something you can buy to protect the suede?
  8. Applegard
  9. Thanks for the feedback ladies.
    Appleguard? I have to look that up.
    I know i have a water & stain repellent for sheepskin & suede..but thats for my UGG boots.
    Im going to head to Coach with my PCE tomorrow & decide.