just bought some red vibram soles off ebay

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  1. Oh, I want learn more about this!!! Keep us posted!
  2. I am guessing that this seller is Brian/Panrixx? He mentioned that he would be selling them on eBay.
    I wonder if they are the same ones that I get from my cobbler - my cobbler is being very stingy with them and won't apply them for me anymore since he has a very limited supply:tdown:
  3. What!? :cursing: That is unbelievable... he should be thanking you for mentioning his service to all of us here!
  4. lol yes it's brian i wasn't sure if i was allowed to mention him
  5. ^ LOL. apparently after conversion, it's cheaper than the ones i got!
  6. I wonder if some of us (in close geographic proximity) can pool the money together and buy the required min. # of sheets and just split them? That might be cheaper & convenient for all of us.

    BTW, hope the Vibrams work well for you angelie
  7. ps: Kamilla - how thick are the ones we got?? ;)
  8. Not sure, but they are pretty thin. These are probably the same as the ones that my cobbler uses, but I didn't think to ask about the thickness.
    I may end up ordering from him too since it costs the same as buying from my cobbler, $15 for a pair plus $5 for shipping. Shoe Service Plus charges the same for the soles but they are not giving them up anymore!
  9. I would totally be in if someone was to order them here! That would be a great idea.
  10. i don't think we would save much at the end of the day. Might just end up being a hassle for the one person that orders all those sheets and has to go out and mail them. Especially when a fellow member is already selling them on eBay. Don't u think???
  11. ^^Well, I was just saying that it might be worth it for ppl living in close proximities, but then again I don't know the specifics so may not be worth it after all.

    BTW, I thought panrixx only had a few leftovers and limited supplies? So after he's sold out, it'll be sold out, kwim.
  12. I bought some too.. do you just take them to the cobblers and ask them to put them on?!
  13. I want to know where he got them from because I want them for myself. lol
    Can we order a lot of sheets? Plus my cobbler was asking where I got the thick ones and now is asking where he can get the thin ones.

    I just ordered 2
  14. Christina,

    I'm not sure if I am allowed to make these comments. If not, please feel free to remove them. It is just that I would like to clarify a few points, if I may.

    I bought the sheets initially so that I could get my wife's used CLs repaired. I am not doing this for an income, as I have a very good company pension and my wife still works full time. We are financially very comfortably. Any profits, after paying Ebay and PayPal charges, are small considering the effort involved. There is quite a bit of time and effort involved as I have to cut the soles out, which is tough on the hands, then package them and drive to the not so local post office. As I am retired (early) the time involved is not a great problem, so if the ladies on the forum want more I will be happy to get more material when my initial batch runs out. If not, then I will quite happily stop.

    As I am not sure that I am allowed to discuss this subject at all on the forum I will make no further comments on this subject.
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