Just bought some NARS stuff...

  1. I'm a NARS fiend!

    -Eye makeup remover (I love the packaging, I can use it when I travel overseas next month!)

    -Creme eyeshadow in Corfu

    -Lip color pencil in Damned

    -Eyeliner in Kitty and Manon

    -lip lacquer in galactica

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nars....I wish they made a mirror compact, because I love their black rubber packaging

    I swear, NARS is like 2/3 of my makeup..the only thing I don't like that much by them is their foundation stuff :supacool:
  2. Nice haul!!

    I have the eye makeup remove and the galactica gloss!! Love them both!
  3. Awesome!! Any pics??
  4. How is the eye make-up remover? I just bought the one from H20Plus and I don't like it as much as the old one they have.
  5. I am just getting into Nars. I recently bought the Deepthroat blush and a lipgloss. I really wanted to get one of the Multiples too but coudnt fork out the £27 for it. :sad: Maybe next month
  6. Nice! I'm also just getting into Nars! looks like you picked up a bunch of good things that I've got to check out!
  7. I love NARS too! How could you not pick up another blush? I especially LOVE their blushes..! :love:
  8. I've used the NARS multiple sticks in Maui & Copacabana for the last 2 years. They are my makeup staples!

  9. I have SO many of their blushes...orgasm (of course), sin, Exhibit A, Torrid, Angelika, Desire, Cactus Flower, Mata Hari and a couple of others I think.....

    I did almost buy Lokium(?) I need to chill out w/all the blushes I have.... :wlae:
  10. I too love Nars and of course the blushes are the best.
    Just bought a lipstick (sexual healing) and it is so amazingly beautiful!