Just bought Small Celine Clandestine: Please help!

  1. I brought home this baby today, i'm in love with it after 2 weeks of waiting! it is the powder color in calf leather.

    Problem is.... do you spot a defect in the bag? Look at the tube on the strap...the leather bit which is sewn together is actually facing outwards! And there is nothing i can do to turn it inwards! It's awfully ugly and i am sure it is a manufacturer's fault! Surely no designer would do this! :amazed: I'm really upset!

    Also, when i was at the store, there were 3 bags for me to choose from. The first one whcih was on display actually fell apart in front of me! Well, the gold ring fell off because of a loose screw, so the whole strap came off! And now look at my bag! The leather on the 3rd one is not that great.... some minor creases...

    I'm really paranoid! Also, I am worried abt the gold hardware. It says chrome on the tag...

    Please help with my questions:

    1. Should I keep the bag if they offer to repair it or even offer me a new bag? The quality problems is really getting me worried. I can get a full refund.

    2. What are your opinions on the hardware? I'm worried that it will not last long and that it will tarnish/fade.

    Please help. I am going to the store on Sunday... :sad:
    It's a beautiful bag... disappointed abt the quality... leather is good, not sure abt the rest... should i go for a chanel evening bag instead?

    Thank you so much!
    DSCN1869 (2).JPG DSCN1871 (2).JPG DSCN1872 (2).JPG 19zd13.jpg
  2. No, don't keep it if you're not happy! You won't be able to overlook this defect. I would send it back and get another! I'd splurge on a chanel and forget all about it!
  3. OMG! That bag is supposed to look like that!!!!!!Thats not a defect..I had just written off this bag and now I see it ....OMG>>>LOVE!! Its a keeper..you are just like the rest of us...scared of your purchase..Keep it and enjoy it..HOWEVER if anything falls off of it...Get it right back to the store!!There is no excuse for bad parts!!!!
  4. That is a really pretty bag... :smile: I'm a bit of a perfectionist, too, so I know how you feel. I would exchange it, and not feel the slightest bit uncomfortable about it!
  5. oh, no, I won't keep the defective one. I will either exchange it for a new one, get this one repaired or just get a refund. Problem is, I don;t know what to do! Not sure abt getting it repaired, eh... it's brand new.. it's not suppose to be faulty... dilemma
  6. oh, Jill... you mean the sewn bit of leather is supposed to stick outwards? it just seems strange to me.. esp compared to the original pict
  7. here are some picts from the runway.. i should think the leather tube bit would be the same... whichever size it is.... there isn;t the leather bit sticking outwards on these picts...
    00050m.jpg 00560m.jpg
  8. I SWEAR>>THAT IS THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE! they are all like that-Call Celine and ask them...I am pretty sure they are all like that!
  9. Muppy-I have pics from the Celine store of their bags..want me to email them to you?
  10. hmm.... to be honest... if that is the way it is suppose to be, i would return it straightaway as much as i like it... i'm really sad now... everything seems perfect except for the tube.. to me ...

    anyone has experience abt the hardware?
  11. that would be great Jill.. will pm you with my email! Thanks!
  12. Wow, muppy, that is a beautiful bag. It is so cute! I love the color, the hardware, the style, everything! :nuts: If that's the way it's supposed to be, I'd say keep it. But, if you're doubting the quality and you've noticed some flaws, you could take it back and see what can be done for you. Hey, it's worth a shot!
  13. Emails are on their way to you MUPPY! GOOD LUCK!!
  14. I agree with cristina! :biggrin: LOVE the Clandestine!!:love: :love: and the color is gorgeous!! I want the medium size on that color!
  15. Muppy, your baby is beautiful. I am interested in Medium/Powdered/Lambskin so when I saw the black/luggage calfskin ones in person, I didn't pay close attention to the tube of the strap. Jill's the expert. =)

    1. I would exchange for another (brand new) one first, doesn't hurt to check it out. If you still spot defects or are still unhappy, then you can get a full refund. That way, you won't end up thinking you were just unlucky the first time. Many premium designer bags (Paddington, Stam) frequently have problems as well.

    2. The Black/Luggage Cladestine (in all sizes) I saw at Nordstrom SCP have hold hardware, I never thought about it tarnishing/fading. This particular line from Celine bags is quite pricey (compared to their other bags), the qualities shouldn't be so bad I hope. Ask the store you purchased from for their policy, Nordstrom will take it back if you encounter such quality issues.

    As for Chanel evening bags, they are different. A lot of people here love Chanel & LV, you should choose what you love. I think Cladestine is very beautiful and feminine, might even choose to get it over Chanel. Would be great if I can find Medium/Powdered/Lambskin combo.

    When you go on Sunday, bring it home with you iff you absolutely love it. Let us know what you decide. Good luck. =)