Just bought shoes--then received email saying seller's account suspended???

  1. Thank you for reading--I'm upset!!! I bought a pair of Louboutins two days ago, paid using visa through paypal immediately. Tonight I received an email from eBay saying the seller's account has been suspended--and the item has been removed!

    Has this ever happened to anyone else?

    How long should I wait to receive the item before filing a dispute?

    The seller says she shipped the item--I want to give her the benefit of the doubt--could eBay have suspended her account for a silly reason, or is this always serious?

    Any help and information would be appreciated!!! Thank you!!!
  2. On the positive side, I think that you will be protected as you paid by Visa through Paypal. If the seller shipped the item already, I think that the item would probably arrive within a week, and if it does not, just remember that you have 60 days to file a dispute.
  3. Yes, this has happened to me before & the seller shipped my item and I received it. She was reinstated not long after so I could leave feedback, etc.

    I can't remember the infraction, but they were back up in about 2 weeks, so it wasn't too serious.

    Hopefully everything works out!
  4. Sometimes sellers can be kicked off eBay for a while just for non-payment or late payment of fees. Has she given you your parcel number?
  5. Thank you, supersaucy, Rosenpetals, and mooks! I'm glad I paid with Visa--I haven't always, but for some reason, this time I did, and I will from now on!

    The listing was gone as well, so that really scared me. The seller sent an email to say the item was shipped, so I will wait and see if I get it. She did give a tracking number, but no information is available yet.

    It's good to know this can happen for reasons that aren't serious, although this seems like a pretty serious consequence if the seller just hasn't paid a fee yet--that would be unfair to the seller, and it sure scared me!

    Thank you again for your help!
  6. if the seller provided a tracking number I wouldn't worry too much just yet, the post office should update the info soon, and if there's no available info and the package never arrives, you'll have a solid case when you file a dispute :flowers:
    but alas, I wouldn't worry just yet.
  7. Getting NARU'd and having a listing cancelled are mutually exclusive. I suspect the listing was cancelled because of a copyright infraction - photo or description. I've had this happen to me where ebay cancelled the listing after the listing had ended, I had paid, received the item and we had both left positive FB (!). I, as the buyer, was not told why it was cancelled nor would ebay tell me so I emailed the seller and it was because of a copyright infraction. She was not NARU'd. A couple of copyright infractions will get you NARU'd. None of this affected me as the buyer but it did scare me a bit.
  8. What does getting "NARU'd" mean?

    The email I received from ebay said the seller's account had been suspended. I noticed the listing had also been removed when I checked "my ebay" for the listing.

    I sure hope I still receive the shoes! :sad:
  9. Thank you, Keya! Trying not to worry!
  10. Naru=No longer a registered user. If you didn't receive it in a timely manner, then file a complain. Hope it turn up soon.:yes:
  11. Thank you, Lee!
  12. Update: I was just looking at shoes on ebay, and found the exact pictures that were on the listing I bought from--on another seller's listing! :cursing: Gee-- I wonder if that could be why the seller I bought from had their account suspended, and the listing was removed! GRRR!!!