Just bought P90x

  1. Ok, I was supposed to do KenpoX Sat and rest Sun, but was tired, so I did Kenpo today.

    Good workout. Fell today and skinned my knees, so the 2nd week of workout will be rough. So far I am really enjoying it; it's tough, but I hope to see some results.

    Week 2, here I come.
  2. Make sure you EAT properly. Working out is always only part of the equation. Eating enough to support your physical activity is the other part. Lastly rest is the last part.
  3. Believe you me I'm eating! Just that one day was very buys and I didn't get to eat before that work out. Anywhoo.

    How was your progress when you were on the program Dom?
  4. Well I'm into day 3 of week two. All is going great. For the ladies who were going to join me, once you buy your sets, start posting here.

    For now, since I'm the only one posting I'm going to drop off cause I keep track offline also.
  5. Just finished day 1 and boy were those pushups killing me (i never have done them the proper way to begin with) but in all, I think the first disk isn't too bad. Ladybug, did you purchase their supplements and bars? I havn't really followed their diet since I'm just looking to tone up (5'5, 113lbs).
  6. You NEED to follow a nutritional diet similar to what they specify. The purpose of doing so, is to supply your body w/ enough calories, protein, and carbs to help your body repair itself and give you energy for the next workout. This is true of all workouts, but they (Beachbody) made it easier for you by giving you a guide on what to eat and how much.
  7. thanks, i guess i should shopping with the list they provided :smile: day 2, we'll see how this goes
  8. No I did not buy their supplements, etc.

    If I want a supplement, I do a Slimfast shake or a Luna Bar

    Like dom said, you do want to follow their diet or you will not have enough energy. I'm not making the meals, etc, but I am doing the Portion control part. and Eating 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day. If you don't you WILL crash and burn.

    I also added counting my Points so that I can be even more aware of how much is going into my body.

    What I do suggest having is the a heart rate monitor, the correct weights for what you want to do, and a mat if your floor does not have enough padding.
  9. Argh...I REALLY want to get the P90x DVDs, but I am on a total shopping BAN due to saving money for my trip to Vegas in March. How do I order it and get it past my boyfriend's watchful eye?!
  10. On Day 3 of P90X. I'm still do my own cardio workout, ran 5 miles today, spin yesterday and tomorrow. I think if I could just go along with their eating plan this could really work for me.
  11. Keep it up ladies it's a winner if you stay with it.
  12. I just did the 3rd day. Shoulders and tri's. It is my favorite so far. For the first time I felt like I knew what I was doing and had good form. Great workout!
  13. i'm doing a bit different. last night was day 2 and i wasn't able to complete the full workout just half. i'm just really out of shape. I'm going to finish off the remainder 32 mins of disk 2, rest for an hour and start disk 3. I hope i can make it through without any modifying the workout routines :smile:
  14. Gucci, I love the shoulders and tri workout also. I'm definitely starting to see some difference in my arms.

    Last night I took a break, I was sooo tired, but I will work out the remaining week. I will probably do 2 workouts on Sat so I can take off Sunday. I think I'm going to add back my running so I can add some extra cardio.

    Ceremony, make sure to read the booklets that come with the disc. He says that it is ok to modify the work out to YOUR pace. He would rather you do the full workout at your own pace. He says it several times on the tapes. He acknowledges that everyon is not up to their pace.

    I finish all of my tapes, and normally stick to their pace except when it comes to the chinup, pushup. But when I get to those, I slow it down for my fitness level.
  15. Instead of doing the recipes one, do the Portion part of the diet, eting the recommended Carbs, fruit, etc they recommend.