Just bought my wedding band today!

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  1. I went out wedding ring shopping today (without hubby to be as he hates shopping) and found the most gorgeous white gold 1/2 eternity band to go with my 3 stone princess cut engagement ring.

    Because my engagement ring is on the small side, Approx 0.70ct total weight, I only needed either a plain wedding ring or I could also get away with a 1/2 eternity ring.

    So its a very thin band and has 21 tiny diamonds on the top half of it. It was $700.

    When I left the shop, I realised that it was only 9ct white gold - NOT WHAT I WANTED so I went back and mentioned it and the jeweller said she would contact me with a new price for 18ct white gold. Anyway, she just phoned and said the 18ct was $1000 but she would do it for me for the same price as 9ct:yahoo:

    I found a gorgeous ring for hubby to be was about $800 but he doesn't want to spend that much...I might change his mind though.:biggrin:

    I'd love to know how everyone else got their husbands to try on wedding rings and do they wear them all the time - My husband to be is not into wearing jewelery at all and he works in a factory full time.
  2. Congratulations! I can't wait to see some pics!
  3. Yay! Post pictures!

    My fiance and I are both pretty indecisive, so it took us forever to decide on wedding bands. His is eternity with about 2 point diamonds spread out and mine will be full eternity with 7 pointers. Mine is being made so I don't have it yet, but I'm sooo excited for it!
  4. Sounds great and such a great price! How exciting! :smile:
  5. :useless:

  6. I'll post pics as soon as I have the ring - it's getting resized and also on layaway. Hopefully it will be in the next couple of weeks I can pick it up.
  7. My DH didn't have any preference so I picked out both our bands LOL and just had his sized for him. Ah well, he is not very romantic. He wears his all the time but he has a desk job and maybe does a little gardening, no heavy work. I would think it might be unsafe to wear in a factory setting could get caught on something?

    You don't want me to put it in words on the page (but can imagine) what happened when an acquaintance of his many years ago made a jump shot in basketball and caught his ring on the rim of the basket..:sad:
  8. Sounds fab!! Can't wait to see pix.. (=
  9. Here's a picture of my engagement ring and you just have to imagine a thin 1/2 eternity band underneath. We have been engaged for 4 years - right after we purchased our 2nd house so money was a bit tight but I think I did ok - it cost us $999.:biggrin: (was marked 50% off)
    I don't have the specs with me but I think the 3 princess cut diamonds are a G colour and total weight is 0.68ct. Set in 18ct white gold.

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  10. So chessmont, did you just buy his ring without him knowing what it looked like then had it resized after the wedding? I'm thinking of doing that becasue my fiance doesn't really care - he just wants a ring.

    So, should I go with a plain 18ct white gold band for around $360 or go for the gorgeous 18ct brushed white gold with polished yellow gold inside - this was about $800??

    BTW - the basketball episode sounds like the time when my engagement ring fell down the central heating vent in the floor - I made my Fiance get under the house, pull off the central heating ducts - it took over an hour but I ended up with my ring back on my finger!:biggrin:
  11. My husband, I love being able to say that (we just got married last Friday) picked his out. He purchased 2 tungsten carbide rings for less than $150 for both. I guess it just depends on what he likes.
  12. I think those tungsten rings are so cool!
  13. For some reason, I knew his size (this was 23 years ago so I can't remember, maybe he had another ring I took in. So sized it before the wedding. He never saw it until I bought it. He didn't care one way or anther:shrugs:

    Hey, if DH doesn't care what you get, get what 'you' like ;)
  14. Congrats! I also agree that if your future DH doesn't care, just get what you like!
  15. Ohh I wanna see pics :smile: post them when your wearing it