Just bought MY HG! Wanna See?! (Legacy Yummy-ness)

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  1. Hi ladies!! Some of you know I've been searching for my HG after a bad experience on ebay I've been waiting. But last night I found one from a super sweet seller!! I did her buy it now and she gave me free shipping!! (It was a little more than I wanted to pay but I got a free scarf!!) You wanna see?! :yahoo:

    Coach Black Legacy Satchel 10330 :graucho: -Practically Brand new!!

    Did I get a good deal?! It looks brand new from the pictures. I forgot to ask if it was from a smoke free home .. so I'll keep everyone posted on that. I'll do a reveal in this thread when I get her. CAN'T wait!!
  2. Beautiful bag! Can't wait to see modeling pics when you get her!!!:nuts:
  3. She looks fantastic! Can't wait for you to get her :smile:
  4. Beautiful bag :heart:
  5. Thank you!! I can't wait to get her. I've been watching them forever. Hopefully I didn't overpay. haha
  6. Wow - you got a GREAT price for her IMO with the free shipping and the scarf too!
  7. I think you got a killer deal, being like new, free scarf, and free shipping. Congrats!
  8. Congrats! It is a beautiful bag, and a beautiful price! I can't wait til you get it so you can post a reveal! :smile:
  9. I will post a reveal IMMEDIATELY!! Seller says she will try to ship today.. hopefully she does. I am on pins and needles. haha
  10. CONGRATS! I've got my eye on a pond satchel at the moment.... can't decide between that or the Peyton. I love them both but can only buy one. Do you wear your satchel as an everyday bag? I was concerned about the weight but I won't be overstuffin' her, just the essentials....wallet,wristlet,coin purse, phone, sunnies. Does the strap bother you when you try and get in and out of the bag or do you leave it unhooked? Congrats again and enjoy your new HG! :biggrin:
  11. Well, I had the whiskey one (but I sent it back to the seller b/c of undisclosed damage a few months back). ANYWAY, I LOVE the bag. I loaded it up with my stuff just to see if I would want to buy it again and I obviously bought it again. :0) The strap doesn't bother me, but I like the extra safety. (I've got 2 little ones and their hands are everywhere)
    The peyton I have as well. Just bought it in the patent gray and I LOVE it. I've been using this as our everyday bag. One side is for me and the other side is for the kids. It's way bigger than the satchel.
    If I had to choose, I'd get the peyton since they're at the outlets now and you can get a great deal on them. I've been watching them for months on ebay and the prices are so high and they haven't come done. (Even for used ones)
    This legacy satchel is old, so people are constantly going to be selling them to update their look. You can get a steal on them. A fellow TPF member just got one off bonanzle for 200 in the whiskey color.
    Bottom line, go to your local outlet and buy a peyton. Legacy satchels will always be listed. :0) (IMO)
  12. ^^^ here's the problem. I live in Arizona where we have NO OUTLETS...:s If I get a Peyton, it will be off of ebay. Which bag is the heaviest between the satchel and Peyton? Peyton is nice because you can put it on your shoulder BUT it IS a bigger bag. Might be bigger than what I need....oh, I can't decide! lol ...regarding the satchel, of course I want the pond which is priced SO HIGH on bay..won't be getting a good deal on that color but its SO PRETTY for summer... :sunnies
  13. I am new to this forum, but not to Coach. That is a great deal that you've got. This purse is rare now. Congrats! I can't wait to see her on you :smile:
  14. Yikes! The Peyton is really big. My husband says it's definitely not a purse! HAHA. (But then again, I'm 5'0 so I would look ridiculous carrying it around as a purse. Some outlets will do a charge send. (Do a forum search phone numbers and everything are posted.) I would try that route if you need a bigger bag.
    If you're looking for a purse, get the satchel. I load the peyton up with all of my stuff, so the peyton is heavier. (Since it's so big, I use the space if you know what I mean!) haha.
    There are a couple pond satchels listed on ebay. (I'm sure you saw them already) But email the seller and see if they'll do a buy it now or something? You never know until you ask right.
    I hope I'm helping a little bit. I wish I was allowed to help you by shopping at my outlet for you!
  15. Great Buy!! I had my eye on that auction as well......