Just bought my friend her first LV.

  1. My friend's birthday is coming up and I wanted to get her something nice. She really deserves it and can't afford to by herself something. I was talking with another friend and we decided to go in together to get her a purse. So, we got her a mono pochette. She's been wanting one for over a year. I can't wait for her to get it. I'm so excited.:yahoo: Buying for her was more fun than buying for myself.
  2. Getting gifts for friends is SO much fun! Good for you. Let us know how it goes. When does she get it?
  3. She's lucky to have such good friends!
  4. that was very nice of you! congrats to both you and your friend on getting her her first LV!
  5. I bought it from eluxury so it should be delivered w/in the week. I only wish I was there to see her face.
  6. WOW... You're a really nice friend!!!!

    Happy b-day to her! :party:
  7. Just wait until you get that phone call! She's going to be so excited!
  8. Very nice gift from a very wonderful friend!
  9. wow, you guys are very nice!
  10. what a great friend!!! she is going to love it (and you!)
  11. Oh you are soooo sweet! what a great friend you are! :heart:
  12. How sweet, congrats to both of you.
  13. what a great friend you are! she will love it!
  14. You guys are so nice. She is very lucky to have you both as her friend.
  15. You are a really good friend.