Just bought my first Speedy!

  1. I just had to share!!

    :yahoo:Bought my 3rd LV piece, I just got back from a shopping. A Damier Speedy 30. It's sitting in a box right now. I haven't decided when to carry it for the first time!!
  2. How exciting!! I love the damier speedy, great choice :tup:. Enjoy her and congrats!
  3. *YaY* Congrats!!

    The Damier Speedy is always a great choice .... :tup:
  4. nothing could go wrong with a speedy!! i want to get a second speedy too.. but i want to get everything from my wishlist before going doubles : )
  5. Enjoy!!! I used mine today! It's such a great bag. What other LV bags do you have?? :smile:
  6. oohhh a speedy!! Congrats!!
  7. great choice, congrats!
  8. congrats ... perfect all weather/go anywhere Speedy!
  9. Congratulations! I love the Speedy and am contemplating which one to get for a future purchase. Enjoy!
  10. Congrats! Don't forget to join & post pictures in the azur & speedy clubs!
  11. congrats :smile:
  12. Congrats. I'm thinking of getting a Speedy myself.
  13. congrats!
  14. pics please!!!
  15. Congratulations! You will get SO much use out of the Damier Speedy. It can be used in any weather without worry of staining vachetta. I think it's such an elegant and understated handbag. Great Choice! Pick out and outfit to premier it with and post picts.