Just Bought my First Mac: Any Advice

  1. Woowooo....I finally just purchased my first Mac. I got sick and tired of my Windows laptop crashing all the time and viruses and spyware!

    I just bought a MacBook in white, with AppleCare + some little adapter thing for presentations at school.

    It should be here in 2 days!

    Now the advice part: This is my first Mac. I will be transferring over all my Windows office files, etc. to the new Mac...but will probably be lugging around 2 laptops for awhile as I transition. I also have to re-download all of my statistics programs (which is a major PITA!)...and they only run on Windows platform so I have to download bootcamp as well.

    Anything I should know about making the switch?

    Will my Windows based office files run on Mac Office (i.e. excel, powerpoint, word files.)?

    I am sooooo excited! This is better than a bag LOL:yahoo::yahoo:

    Now I've just got to convince hubby to buy me a new digital camera and I'll be up-to-date (I'm about 3 years behind!)!
  2. I just want to say CONGRATS! I have a Mac laptop and I've always used Macs! They work so well. Absolutely love mine, and I hope you love yours, too! :yes:

    Normally Macs take files from Windows just fine. I've used .doc and other files from work and transferred them to my Mac without any trouble at all. I don't know too much about switching between the two, but I think it should be okay. If you have any specific questions, PM me and I'll do my best to help you out while you are trying to figure it out. I'm not exactly a computer whiz, but I can try!
  3. Congrats!! You'll love it!! Your MAC Office will run all the windows things. The only big difference to me is downloads. Instead of .exe files you'll download .dmg ones.
  4. Thanks kitten & sanguar!!!!!!! I'm looking forward to it! I paid extra for next day delivery...but it looks like it won't be here until Thursday!
    I got the student discount and got a free Ipod nano as well...so that was nice! I have the big video Ipod (60 GB)...so this will probably end up either on eBay or as a gift to someone :smile:
  5. You're welcome! What a great deal! The widgets are also so exciting to use... it's that "Dashboard" that pops up and gives you all sorts of useful (and sometimes not useful but fun) info and tools to use, and you can even download more of them at apple.com!
  6. Congrats~~!!! I've been using my powerbook for 2 years now, and never have any problems!!!! You'll love it!!!
  7. Congrats .....I am waiting for the new macbook pro to arrive (there is a waitlist at my Apple store here:p) but am a tad unsure about the switch as all my work is via windows operating platform:push:
  8. I have to download and upload .doc files all the time for school, and many of the ones I download were created on PCs. They all work fine. Nobody has ever reported problems viewing .doc files I created on my Mac either.

    When I got my iBook, it came with a brochure about transferring files from your old computer to the new one.

    Also, if you're still a little unsure about things, I highly recommend you join the support forums on Apple's website. The folks are awesome there! They have always been there for me when I have had a question.
  9. Welcome to Mac country!, now you get to throw out your paper weight PC =]

    I currently have a iMac G4,but ive been using Mac computers for the past 11 years!
    I might use that college discount to get myself a mac book(and the free ipod),but apple is comming out with a new operating system in october. Your lucky you got your laptop now!,now im just waiting paciently for october to come *counts weeks*
  10. I've been waiting for that too, I want a new Macbook Pro 15'':tup::heart::heart::heart:!!!
  11. Yea....I originally thought I would wait for the new OS...but my hubby was getting sick of my moaning and complaining about my current windows laptop and so this was his surprise to me for finishing my masters! I figure I can just buy the new OS when it comes out!

    Thankfully it is summer right now...and I have another 2 months to get used to it before school starts back up!
  12. CONGRATS! Macs are AWESOME! Welcome to the club! You might want to look into somehting called Parallels...it is a program that you buy that allows you to install a "virtual" PC...so you can run pc and mac applications at the same time instead of having to reboot like with bootcamp...it is pretty seamless too!

    shalomjude...Parallels might be an option for you too! That's what I use!

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
  13. This is such a seductive thread - I have been longing to go over to a Mac but am always intimidated by the prospect of losing decade's of work, books etc - as an academic writing is my life so I get scared and haven't made the switch . . .I could be persuaded by this thread though . . .
  14. Congrats..! I love MAC too! :heart:
  15. I am getting a MAC next year too! :-]] I love their laptops!