Just bought my first LV Damier speedy 30

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  1. Thanks everybody. I feel happy coz in the second store the SA found me the speedy made in France.
  2. Congrats. I love this bag.
  3. congrats! it's a gorgeous bag. ;)
  4. Beautiful!

    I am planning on purchasing a Damier Speedy 30 as well, and I wanted to know...did you just ASK them if you would have a Made in France one instead of a, say, Made in USA? And they happily obliged?
  5. Today I first went to Holt Refrew (I live in Toronto) and they just received a shipment of DS 30. The SA there showed me the purse and it is made in USA. So I went to LV Boutique and the SA showed me first one which is also made in USA. Then I asked whether there has any chance to find one made in France, so the SA went back stock but no one made in USA there. But she showed me the one outside on the shelf and mentioned it has been on shelf for one week. I looked at both of them I still like the one made in France. The reason is I noticed the one made in USA, there has something very rough sticking at the end of handles which is not looking pleasant.

    So anytime you can ask SA to find the one made in France if they have in stock.

  6. CONGRATS!!! Great choice for a 1st LV - enjoy!!!
  7. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for clarifying! I thought that for some reason, they would be more reluctant to purposely give someone the ones made in France upon request, as then EVERYONE would be asking for the MIF ones and all all the MIUS ones would be left over.

    Are the Made in USA ones generally of a poorer quality and craftsmanship? I think I should start a new thread about this...
  8. The damier is really growing on me. It's so classy but fun!
  9. I have not had any quality issues with bags made in the U.S.--in fact, I prefer them, as I want to support workers in my country.
  10. You are very welcome. I don't think there has much difference between made in USA and made in France. For me I was just trying to find IF there had one made in France which they just had one.

    The one looking roughly made in USA I guess is just by chance. I truly believe they have more perfect Damier Speedy 30 made in USA in stock as long as you insist to check in detail.:yes:

  11. love my bag ..i leave the lock on
  12. congrats, it looks nice.
  13. congrats
    i use mine with lock on as well
  14. congrats
  15. Congrats, it's a beauty :love:
    As for the lock: I put it on the handle (--> pic)... I have an older Mono Speedy and the hole got really big and I don't like the look of it :sad:
    Not sure how it's w/ the Damier tab :confused1:

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