Just bought my first HH!!!

  1. I just bought my first HH Olive Inka off a fellow tPF off eBay. I am so excited and I can't wait to get it!!!! :yahoo:
  2. Yay Meredith! I'm expecting my Black Inka tomorrow and can't wait :smile: I knew you would join us! Please let us know how you like it! Congrats...you will LOVE HH.
  3. Not to be nosy...but did you get your black Inka off eBay too? There was one up for sale at the same time as the olive one. I bid on that one too...:p
  4. I wish I did at that price....I bought mine from HH :smile: I really want to see the Olive IRL...it seems like a popular color!
  5. :yahoo:
  6. Just wait till you feel it. HH leather is like butter.
  7. i have the inka in plum and i :heart: it. everytime i go out i get compliments. :yes:
  8. CONGRATS! i saw the Inka for the 1st time this weekend IRL and wow, it was terrific! very different than what i expected from the HH website pics - smooshier and slouchier and smaller...
  9. I was watching that auction. That is a beautiful bag! :heart:
  10. Congrats! What a gorgeous choice! :yes:
  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm betting this will be the first of many, many HH bags to come, if you're like the rest of us! All it took was feeling the first one for an obsession to begin!