Just bought my first designer jeans(Paige)

  1. I got a ton of info on handbags and jeans after I found this forum. Thank you all for sharing great info and pictures.

    Mello_yello_jen, I was especially inspired by your posts about Paige jeans and got myself a pair after trying out some of the other brands. OMG, I :heart: them. Now I want more and I feel sorry for myself for not discovering these earlier. I can see my wallet getting hurt in the near future:p .

  2. Aren't they great? I've seen Paige's at Costco recently. You might want to check them out as well as Nordstrom Rack if there's one near you.
  3. Hi Rita!!

    Aww I feel so honored :p I'm so so glad you discovered what I was insanely raving about, glad to know I wasnt just bs-ing, haha!

    I think I definitely see you getting more premium denim, maybe more Paiges :nuts: , in the future.
  4. I just love Paige, too and the best thing is that revolveclothing sneds them with free shipping to Germany so I actually pay almost 60% less than I would if I bought them here. I just love them because they're so comfy and lokk good.
  5. I love Paige jeans they're the best and make your booty look awesome!
  6. Uh-oh...another convert to premium denim. You can never go back!
  7. congrats on your purchase rita! i'll have to invest in a pair of Paige denim...soon...one day...when i'm not broke :crybaby:.
  8. Be careful ladies. One day your buying your first pair of premium denim and the next thing you know you have 20.:smile: I got 2 of my friends hooked and they can't stop buying them and one is a single mom on a teacher's salary. (they really should be paid more)
  9. Congrats! I hope you enjoy your Paige. I love mine!
  10. Congrats!! :smile: What style/wash did you get?