Just bought my first designer jeans(Paige)


Nov 21, 2006
I got a ton of info on handbags and jeans after I found this forum. Thank you all for sharing great info and pictures.

Mello_yello_jen, I was especially inspired by your posts about Paige jeans and got myself a pair after trying out some of the other brands. OMG, I :heart: them. Now I want more and I feel sorry for myself for not discovering these earlier. I can see my wallet getting hurt in the near future:P .

Hi Rita!!

Aww I feel so honored :P I'm so so glad you discovered what I was insanely raving about, glad to know I wasnt just bs-ing, haha!

I think I definitely see you getting more premium denim, maybe more Paiges :nuts: , in the future.
I just love Paige, too and the best thing is that revolveclothing sneds them with free shipping to Germany so I actually pay almost 60% less than I would if I bought them here. I just love them because they're so comfy and lokk good.
Be careful ladies. One day your buying your first pair of premium denim and the next thing you know you have 20.:smile: I got 2 of my friends hooked and they can't stop buying them and one is a single mom on a teacher's salary. (they really should be paid more)