Just bought my FIRST Coach!

  1. And I am SO excited! :yahoo:

    I bought it from eBay after checking it out in the authenticity thread, and I can't wait for it to get here! I adore pink and it'll go so well with all my summer outfits...

    It's the signature demi pouch (Coach - SIGNATURE DEMI POUCH) but in pink, I guess from one of the s/s lines? Regardless, I got it for less than $100 and I am psyched!

    Plus I'm getting the Hamptons signature hobo later this month (not sure which size yet) so I am double psyched!

    How silly is it that as soon as I won the auction I just had to come and post here? :sweatdrop:
  2. Congrats. Coach is great!
  3. Not silly at all! Congratulations!:cutesy:
  4. Congratulations on the first of many purchases....LOL! TPF is so addicting! Cute purse too!
  5. congrats! we always love to hear about everybody's new purchases!!!
  6. not silly at all! congrats on your first coach! it's a great deal too :smile:

    and your cat is adorable! :love: i just had to say
  7. Thanks you guys! :heart: I feel like I have my own cheering section, haha...

    ms-whitney, unfortunately the cat in the avatar isn't mine - but thank you anyhow! :smile: My own cat is also cute but in a slim dainty grey sort of way...
  8. congrats! thats a great first coach bag..
    Andd a good deal lol
  9. congrats my coach sister !

    Your addiction has begun ! lol !

    cha cha
  10. Congratulations!!
  11. Congrats and welcome! What a great deal - so cute!
  12. Congrats! I am looking for that same bag too. It is such a cute bag.
  13. congrats! i used to have that bag but i sold it. ya'll love it. i got alot of compliments on it whenever i used it!
  14. Congrats on your first Coach piece!
  15. Congrats!