Just bought my first Coach ever, yipeeeee

  1. So, I do not know how to post pictures but it is a small Soho flap in the Khaki with the braiding on the straps. So excited!! My Hubby does not quite understand it but it was his sisters that got me into Coach and then I found this board and it was all over.

    One question I know that many on this board like the wristlets. Can someone explain what you carry in them an where you are taking them? I do not have a Coach store here just the Macys so they did not have the largest selection. I wanted to get a wristlet but when she showed them to me I thought I might be better off with a swing bag for small items.
    So how are you using the wristlet???
  2. I used to carry wristlets alone for quick trips to the store or to school to carry my id and some cash but now I just use my wallet and my Coach Hamptons Carryall. I think some ladies use them for makeup cases inside of bags. One of my friends has a Coach beaded signature tote and matching wristlet, she uses the wristlet as a sort of "satellite" for the tote when she doesn't need all of her stuff with her. I think that wristlets can be very handy, especially the bigger ones which comfortably fit a cell phone.
  3. I carry my digital camera in it. Or if I got to restaurants or clubs where smokinng is permitted, I carry my cash and ID in there.
  4. I used to use my wristlet for makeup, but now I use it when I go to the gym to hold my: ID,Gym Pass, Ipod and razr phone. and i clip my keys onto it.
  5. I can keep my ipod, cell, cash, keys, ID & DC, bit of makeup, in my my wristlet, so I hang it from my other bag but keep it inside, and it just makes it easier having everything at my finger tips instead of searching for it in the bottomless pit that is my bag.
  6. I am looking for a smaller wristlet so I can just attach it to my belt loop or leash when I walk my dog though. If I don't like any of them I'll get the suede one I returned LOL.