Just bought my first Coach Bag!

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  1. Wanted to share:smile: The first one I bought was a fake:sad:
    One question about this bag...does it look pink or plum? I haven't received it yet and either color is fine. The seller has it listed as Plum but I see other bags where the color "plum" looks different than this! Thanks!


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  2. Definately plum! Congrats!
  3. Nice bag! I really like that color combination---looks plum to me.
  4. Coach always seems to have different variations of the same color.
  5. The first pic definitely looks like plum ~ Love that combo!
  6. Plum for sure.....and it's gorgeous
  7. Thanks! Was $115 shipped a bad price? I didn't think so. I paid $110 for my fake in bad condition. I'm in the middle of trying to get my $ back!
  8. I love that plum color with there siggy material!
  9. It's plum. Did you buy the fake bag on eBay? If so, file a dispute with eBay RIGHT AWAY!!
  10. great tote!! this is the "plum" version, but you're right coach has many different plums, usually one in each big line it seems like! i have seen this cute purse in real life and it is like a magenta or dark fushia, really pretty!!
  11. I bought a fake on another forum, not ebay. I did send it back and the seller says she'll refund when she gets it back. It arrived at her place today so I am expecting a refund soon. If not, I will file with Paypal. She had about 6 purses for sale and all looked real. The one I bought was hard to see and I didn't think to ask for more pics. Long story short, she says she got it as a gift from her mom. Her mom got it at the outlet and she has the receipt. Has that ever happened? Could the outlet really get fakes? I think not but I am new to buying Coach.

    Here's a few pics...definitely a fake.




  12. oh this is sooo pretty... love the inside..and it zips love it :O)
  13. I hope my Plum is a little more pink/magenta...LOL. I thought it was a great price (am I right?) so I snatched it up! I think I'm gonna love the size!
  14. Congrats! :biggrin: I love the color.
  15. hmmm the new one that is let me go see the fake pic's