Just bought my first cles!

  1. And it is damier :biggrin: this was so NOT planned, as you can see in my signature, my next LV item would be on august 5, that is 52 days away
    I was shopping and wanted to buy a dress i LOVED, they didn't have my size so I had money left..
    Best place to spend, lv OFFCOURSE!

    I was doubting between azur and ebene, but chose the ebene
    I love how i looks with multicolor!

    I also have a question, i saw the Icons book at LV in Antwerp but it was in French, does this book also comes in English and does anyone know the price range? I might buy it when i'm in rome (if they have an english version!)

  2. Great choice! Congrats!!
  3. It looks great!!! I think it's going to love it's new family... :p
  4. congrats!
  5. Congrats! Very cute.
  6. Thanks everyone! I just put my keys in it (all three of them, lol) and i didn't realise it was room! i have plenty of space left!
  7. lovely cles!

    in regards to the icons book...are you talking about the smallish silver one? if so, it's $18.95 USD. not sure about its availability though.
  8. yes that is the one i was talking about
    well for that price i might just by the france one, in Antwerp LV they had about 10-15 left
  9. Cute cles.........I need one!
  10. So cute! I need to pic up one but I can't seem to think of a purpose for one. I think to get on as a bag charm but DH nixed the idea and I ended up with a Pastilles. The ebene looks great with your MC pieces. I love how LV pieces are interchangable.

  11. awww I want one now! yay! congrats
  12. Congrats!!! You have a a great collection
  13. It is fabulous!!
  14. congrats!!
  15. Congrats!