Just bought my first CHANEL...

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  1. ... and I am soooooooo happy!! :yahoo: :wlae:

    Hello Chanel-Lovers! :flowers:

    Actually I've always been a fan of - basically - Louis Vuitton. But recently (last but not least through this forum and all the wonderful pictures) I've seen more and more beautiful Chanel bags and consequently fell more and more in love with them.

    Today I've bought my first Chanel on eBay.
    ... And I somehow feel that this is the beginning of a new and wonderful relationship: between me and Chanel! :love: :heart:

    My new BABY:

    Verena (from Austria) :smile:
  2. P.S.: Really love the "Pictures of you with your Chanel!" thread!!! :heart:

    You all look sooooo awesome! :yes:
  3. Congrats! But, the pic is of a LV watch?
  4. umm, this auction is for an LV watch. i sincerely hope this was a mistake!
  5. :huh:
  6. GTOFan, I really love the bags showing on your avatar!:love:
  7. ^ wow $300?! what a steal!! congrats
  8. Thanks Louis4ever! I use the large tote almost everyday!

    Cute bag and congratulations!
  9. It's lovely, congrats!
  10. Congratulations and welcome to the Chanel forum.
  11. congrats, what a great price for such a lovely vintage classic handbag
  12. Congratulations! That is a beautiful and classic handbag!
  13. That's quite a steal! Congrats and welcome to the forum!
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