Just Bought MY FIRST CHANEL BAGS, Whoo Whoo!

  1. I bit the bullet to beat the price increase and I am going to end up with a major purse, shoe, everything ban, but I purchased a black GST with s/h and a white jumbo classic flap with the new chain (s/h). :yahoo: Thanks to Marilyn at Tyson's NM, she is the best SA. Not only did she answer tons of questions when I first started looking at Chanel bags, but she put the two I wanted aside to make certain I would get them. I had definitely decided to get the GST and a timeless clutch. I really wanted a jumbo flap, but was not certain as I did not want to get it in black right now, since I would have the GST, it no longer comes in red and I did not want it in bright white. I was in NM last week and this jumbo flap just leaped out at me. The jumbo flap is actually an off white (winter white) so I think it will be great color for a year round bag. The new chain gives it an edge that I like.

    I also could not resist a pair of purple Chanel sunglasses from the Chanel boutique at Tysons. Purple is my favorite color, but is tricky in accessories. These are a great shape and I love them. They also got a thumbs up :tup: from tPF Chanel board members who met at Tyson's this past Saturday. Thanks ladies!

    One last bag, I am going to order the timeless clutch in red from Saks, then I stop for a long time :yes:. I am giving up purchasing some CL shoes and Jimmy Choo boots I really wanted in order to get these purses, but I love them and I will have them forever.

    I am still at work, but I will try to post pictures in the next day or so.
  2. congrat! can't wait for the pics.
  3. ^ditto, please show us some pics :graucho:
  4. hey !!!
    glad you went back and got them..
    Marilyn is my fav SA at Neimans !!
    You got the purple ones like Lisa's mom was wearing ?
    Congratts !!!!!
    I am getting my Les Marais tote this week and the shoes !!
  5. Black, winter white, and red chanel bags in one haul. Can you get any better?!? I think not! Dying to see pix of your loot. I think it makes perfect sense to give up the shoes (even if they are CL) for the bags.
  6. You're very lucky!! Congrats, and I hope you enjoy them.

    P.S. I live close to Tyson's, so I'll have to get out there sometime! I didn't know they had a Chanel boutique there...

  7. can someone showme pics of the difference between the white flap that Ronsdive bought and the other white that chanel has. Is there only one version of white for the flap with new chain or does it come in different shades of white and cream?
  8. woohoo--so exciting for you--especially MULTIPLE Chanel purchases all at once!!

    cant wait to see pics and modeling pics too!!
  9. Congrats, I'll be back to look at pics.
  10. oooh great choices!
  11. A big YAY for you! Excellent choices... Congrats, enjoy them, and post pics when you have a chance!
  12. :smile:Congratulations! Can't wait to see your pics. So sorry I had to miss The Tysons Meeting. I hope we can schedule another meeting soon.
  13. Wow, what a start for you...congrats!
  14. Fantastic loot! I can't wait to see your pics - and how fun that you met up with the regional PFers to get your collection started!!
  15. yay! Can't wait to see the pics! I love drooling over everyone's pics! :nuts: